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What does "deal with" mean?

Vocabulary Word: deal with

1. Definition (expr.) work on a difficult situation; become OK with a situation or feeling

Examples It’s difficult to deal with the loss of a friend.

Examples I don’t mind the long drive through the desert, but I’m not willing to deal with the heat.

Examples Alcoholics often drink as a way to deal with their problems.

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2. Definition (v.) fix; take care of; solve a problem

Examples When our house got robbed, we had to deal with the broken window right away.

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3. Definition (v.) be about; cover

Examples The book Uncle Tom’s Cabin deals with slavery in the southern US.

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I have deal with bad character of my daughter all day, it is hard


06:46 PM May 23 2013 |

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I have to deal with many things tomorrow.

02:55 PM May 01 2013 |

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