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What does "a blast" mean?

Vocabulary Word: a blast

1. Definition (expr.) a very good time, a fun experience, an exciting experience, a great deal of fun

Examples “Thanksgiving was a blast because all of my cousins, nephews and nieces came in from out of town. I had a great time hanging out with them.”

Examples “Going out dancing on Friday night is going to be a blast! I can’t wait!”

Examples “My trip to Las Vegas was a blast. I won about $200!!!”

Examples “Snowboarding is always a blast. I wish I could go every weekend.”

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2. Definition (expr.) very good time, fun experience

Examples I had a blast at work today. My boss decided to take us out for lunch, and we never went back to the office!

Examples It was such a blast to see my friend again after two years. We talked for hours!

Examples Thank you for inviting me to your birthday. I had a blast!

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Practicing english with  strange people is a blast

08:38 PM Mar 04 2015 |




It’s my birthday on Monday and it will be a blast not just for me, but for my guests as well ;)

03:14 AM Sep 20 2013 |

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