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What does "chaos" mean?

Vocabulary Word: chaos

1. Definition (n.) state in which behavior and events are not controlled by anyone or anything

Examples There was chaos at school after Jeff and Tim got in a fight. Nobody knew what to do.

Examples There is too much chaos at Martin’s house. I can’t study over there.

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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Chaos isn’t always a bad thing, it may be fun for somebody to cause an anarchy, as you know, some governments make a chaos in some cases to achieve their golden goals in other fields, it’s such a powerful tool to disturb and confuse the public and abuse it for own benefits.

“Without order nothing can exist – without chaos nothing can evolve.”

06:26 AM Apr 20 2013 |




Chaos is a very bad thing. It immobalizes you, making you make mistakes. The other days I’ve watched the movie by Steven King, Mist. I was quite dissapointed by the ending. the ending is VERY BAD, untypical to Hollywood movies.  But it’s Steven King and he got a point picturing through literature the bad effect of panic, chaos, not being able to stop to think and have common sense and eventually giving up and making an irrevesable mistake. 

01:27 AM Jan 11 2013 |

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