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What does "shut down" mean?

Vocabulary Word: shut down

1. Definition (v.) to close oneself off

Examples When he heard the bad news, he just shut down and sat silently in a corner.

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2. Definition (expr.) reject or deny

Examples I thought Jaime liked Anna, so I was surprised when he shut her down.

Examples Kelly doesn’t know how to shut people down without hurting their feelings.

Examples I wouldn’t shut anyone down just based on looks.

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3. Definition (expr.) closed, having no action

Examples The restaurant was full of bugs so the police shut it down.

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The latest super weapon is not anymore the atomic thing or its derivatives, it’s simply a new weapon that shuts down all sort of technology; electric power sources, computers, internet servers, airplanes, cars…. Etc, its the real life needs’ SHUTDOWN

05:23 AM Jul 29 2013 |




We have the whole area of plants that used to be teeming with life, work, friendly community. Now everything is shut down. It’s like a ghost city now. Everything moved to other countries where labour is much cheaper. It’s all sad, though. Why people are so greedy?

12:32 AM May 01 2013 |

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