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What does "take care of" mean?

Vocabulary Word: take care of

1. Definition (v.) look after; watch over

Examples I have the greatest brother. Whenever I get sick he takes care of me.

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2. Definition (expr.) keep clean and working

Examples The cool guy at the office definitely takes care of himself. His suits are always crisp and clean.

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3. Definition (v.) make plans or arrangements, fix, solve

Examples Jenna’s parents are taking care of her travel details, so she can use her time to study.

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People may get information form one another. The simple method for the good understanding seen for many ones. The simple manner make possible for quality connection with take care of one another. The approach seen in site Uk-dissertation.com for more knowledge.

08:24 AM Jun 29 2017 |


United States

I take care of my grandma.

06:25 AM Dec 25 2014 |

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