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February 28, 2018

Biltong - Biltong is cured meat - Salty and delicious

In a Sentence: Please pass me a piece of biltong


Babbelas – The South African word for a hangover

In a Sentence:  Hey man, I got a big Babbelas - I am never drinking again.


Bliksem - A South African word for hitting somebody or explaining your will use physcial force.

In a Sentence: Hey man, if you look at my girlfriend again - I will bliksem you.


Bra / Bru – A way to explain that this is your friend or buddy

In a Sentence: Hey bra, what we doing tonight


Domkop - An idiot, a litteral meaning for a stupid person

Look at our president - he is a domkop


Gatvol – It means you are fed up / had enough

I cannot get this car to start - I am now Gatvol

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