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English, baby! (aka Ebaby!) is an American-English instruction and social networking website for students worldwide learning English as a second language (ESL). About 1.5 billion people, approximately 25 percent of the global population, are currently learning English. Rather than focusing on grammar and memorization—instruction that students already receive in textbooks—the website virtually immerses students in American language and culture through a vast social network and daily lessons based on popular culture.

With weekly ESL soap opera videos, daily podcasts, and a million fellow learners to practice with, English, baby! streamlines the process of learning colloquial language for effective real world communication. And since American popular culture is of interest in so many other countries around the world, who better to teach slang than celebrities themselves? English lessons by gold-selling artists, professional athletes and more are positioning English, baby! as a unique global media outlet with an appeal that extends to native speakers—its celebrity lessons have been covered by the LA Times, the Seattle Times, Yahoo! Sports and many others.

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