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How is the best way to learn English


Viet Nam

I do have to learn English for my job so Who tell me the effective method to learn

04:03 PM Mar 04 2007 |

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United Kingdom

Two thingls to consider:

First: Remember, you don't have to understand everything.  If you watch a film or read a book there will be quite a lot that you don't understand.  Don't worry about that. Think about any new words or phrases that you DID pick up and use them again yourself.

Second: It is possible to be quite proficient in a language without having a CONSCIOUS knowledge of grammar. It is also possible to have a wide technical knowledge of grammar and still be an elementary student. To know a language you have to be able to speak and listen. If you are studying alone I'd say films, forums, chatrooms and books are FAR MORE important to you than grammar books. 


05:58 AM Mar 14 2007 |




That's an excellent advice for learning foreign language.

We should realize that the purpose of learning other language is to communicate with other from the other country. So its keyword is communicate, grammar is just a tool to do the communication.

In communication there would be an exchange between both party (sender and receiver), while we give and get the information; we perform it on both spoken and written language.

To share our opinion we need to improve our speaking (spoken) and writting (written) skill. And to get the information we should improve our listening (spoken) and reading (written) skill.


11:26 PM Mar 14 2007 |


United States

try this website: www.english180.com I think it's great Cool

06:06 PM Mar 29 2007 |



Just don't bother about mistakes at first, try to speak as much you can speak in english

06:34 PM Mar 29 2007 |



hi, i have red many advices here and spoken to many members here. most of them are with very less knowledge n the english. and i happend to go through some of the answers given to some students by somebody else. the worst part was , most of the answers given to students were wrong. i hope more people like you to come to this room to impart knowledge to the students.

07:23 AM Apr 07 2007 |