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Lucky number




 Hellow Everybody welcome to join in this discuss!please give out your opinion

In our country some numbers are considered lucky but others is unlucky.I don't think it has deep meaning,but only a symbol representing a nice hope or wish.what is the lucky numbers in your country and what do you think about it?


02:41 AM Apr 18 2007 |

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Friends, Numbers have no influence in our life. All these are the feelings of our mind. There is no improtence for lucky numbers in our life. life is a voyage. In this voyage we have to over come many previlages. Some time the rout will be full of huricanes, sometime the cool and exciting breeze.

If there is no sad how can we feel happy and vis versa. We have to live in this earth untill our death. so try to lead happy life. And be optimistic in life. May tomarrow is not waiting for us.

08:02 AM Apr 24 2007 |




hello amelia17. Do you usually encounter seven in your life?or Did  seven even bring lucky to you?

02:28 AM Apr 25 2007 |

Lily :)

Lily :)

Russian Federation

In Russia 3 and 7 considered to be lucky numbers!

But I don't have my own lucky number – I just don't believe in it Tongue out

09:17 PM May 05 2007 |