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Should French diplomas be valid everywhere in Europe? That's the real question !

As I am a french girl who wants to get a job abroad, I have to pass my A-levels and then, speak severals languages…,

But, nowadays a French student will always find it hard to convince a European employer to hire him/her as he/she has passed his "Baccalauréat". People abroad are likely to look totally puzzled when seeing that word which, to a British man, is all Greek as he is more familiar with "A. levels", while the Germans will speak of "Die Habitur". Of course all those exams have their own specificities and even if they are all school leaving certificates, their requirements and their contents are all different. The question whether the Bac or other diplomas should be valid everywhere in Europe is therefore very relevant since if they were, all French students would be entitled to study or to work abroad far more easily! It would make working in foreign countries a real opportunity. It would also urge young people to feel more European and slightly erase the barriers between our countries especially the language ones! However would French patients accept to undergo an operation in France from a young Swedish doctor knowing that he has not been trained in French universities of medicine?That's a real question too! 

Tell me what do you think about this and give me your opinion ! 

05:47 PM May 27 2010 |

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If you want to improve your French, I can help you ;)

04:45 PM Jun 02 2010 |



Sri Lanka

Merci beaucoup, Estelle. This is very kind I must say. I'll send you a mail to arrange short chat sessions, maybe on Skype.

Here in Sri Lanka, we also have GCE O-Level and A-Level examinations, but you need a "London A-Level" certificate to enter a British university.

I did my final schooling in India. Though we did not have any students from Laos in our school, we had two boys from Cambodia. However, they and their family eventually settled down in France.


10:57 AM Jun 03 2010 |