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let's play a interesting game


United States

let's relax together , play agame together !maybe some of you had played this game!

the rule is that

fist  floor  should answer a question first, then ask a question for the next floor

let's have a race whose question is interesting (you can ask any kinds of question , pay attention everyone  should give veritable answers )you know in our life we hardly tell our true feeling to everyone so this game let's do it seriouly!

are you ready!!go

my question is

what are your eye's  color?

08:57 AM Dec 05 2007 |

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Му answer is Angelica

Q: What would be the worst thing to hear about yourself?

09:23 PM Jan 14 2008 |

es pati

es pati

United Kingdom

To hear about any worst situation for me without way out

Q: What do you choose  for your holiday:  to climb a hill, to lay on beach, to travel or sport. And why do you choose this variant?

08:46 PM Mar 21 2008 |




Ohh i hvnt favourite dish :D

What is your type of men/woman ? 


05:41 PM Mar 24 2008 |

es pati

es pati

United Kingdom

my type of men is my husband. Cool

do you like black humour and why?  

05:05 PM Jun 14 2009 |