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Which religion should I join...?




I want to live a complete happy life…I have tried my best… every where I have limits.. but I want to live limitless & full life…Is it possible…? can any religion satisfy me…which religion should I join…? 

02:07 AM Jan 03 2008 |

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but I want to live limitless & full life…Is it possible

limitless life . every thing have limit wether it is living thing or non living thing . for example if there is limitless day i mean there is no limit between day and night . how strange it will be ?. limitize one is not bad coz limit starts where there is chance of harm .

if my father said to me that never tell a lie

it looks limitizing but acutally it is good for me

think in a positive way

08:51 PM Jan 04 2008 |



Dear Shumailaa..

I am contineously in search of peace… The countries where people of one faith…one religion… lives I don't feel that they are living at peace… Take pakistan..

Every country has prostitutes… every country has explotation


02:44 AM Jan 05 2008 |



Dear Diomond,

Thanks for suggestion…the site seems to be beautiful…I will try to understand it.Thanks

02:46 AM Jan 05 2008 |



you don't need a religion to b complete! You are already complete. Jesus came to this world to the entaire human race. He said whoever is not a born again shall not see the kingdom of heaven. To be a born again its not a religion. Go to a pentecostal Church they will help you be free.

be blessed

08:22 AM Jan 05 2008 |



i wish if my English is good to help you to join Islam

but i advise u to read the Holy Quran in transltion and with explainaiton and i will try to find out Islamic websites

The Holy Quran is the only holy Book that has not changed

God in His Holy Quran challenge all non – beleivers to come up with a same written like Holy Quran and he challengef them to find any single mistake in it

and thoes Terrorist in Pakstan, Afghanstan or any other place misunderstood the Islamic rule

08:39 AM Jan 05 2008 |



Saudi Arabia

 you can visit this site read about Islam


you will finid a lot of answer to your qusetions 

08:55 AM Jan 05 2008 |




common ..join Isalam ..if u want to feel happy , enjoy and satsify….

join Isalm..please dont hesitate..

log to this site..www.turntoisalm.com

10:12 AM Jan 05 2008 |



i think christianity is cool

12:14 PM Jan 05 2008 |



first of all there is no belief in god without a religion, God created this world & stated how things goes on, how every person will live, & what is the right & the wrong to do. who believes in god, believes that there is an afterlife, & in the afterlife we are gonna be either rewarded or punished on what we did in our lives, In fact this life is not lasting & the real happiness is actually in the afterlife which won't be for anybody else than the ones who obey god. With regard to the worship of god, how would we worship god if we don't know what is our religion, every religion states a differnt way for doing so, so we have to belong to a specific religion. There is no religion without limits, so how would you live limitless, if you really want to live with self-satisfaction then you must follow the religion that you see it right, but how would you know which religion is the right one? I bet that for any religion in the world there are many websites that can be a reference for people that want to know more about it, and the correctness of a religion can be proved by the evidences that comes with it. I mean if a specific religion is true, then there will come with it many evidences that proves it. & as u r a humanbeing you can follow your mind and the facts that you see to identify what is the right. The true religion will surely be a fair one. I advice you not just to follow what ppl may say & to seek for the truthness yourself. here is a website that I recommend you to see:


 and as I said you at the end you are the one who's gonna decide the right to be followed but just open your mind. " life will never be limitless"

01:24 PM Jan 05 2008 |




 dear negpal,

As for me i am not religious but i love God and have a personal relatoinship with him you can too! as humans we always want a sense of belonging,but i think we should first be happy with ourselves by forgiving our self,appreciating our self and love ourself,then we can now think of how to connecct with others. i read a book about an indian man titled 'left for dead' a man who practiced hinduism became mad and his religion could not heal him, he found out about jesus christ believed and was healed,he and his family are christians now and work full time for God. you can have a personal relaationship with God through jesus christ just repent of your sins,ask for forgiveness and believe in jesus. then you are free,and the good news is you will live eternally even if you die in body you will live with christ. All you need do for more information about God is to read the Bible which  will tell you more about GOD,JESUS  and give you incite on how to live happily,it also applies to our daily life on earth.am sure you will find the inner peace you are looking for. 


05:37 PM Jan 05 2008 |