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Life Talk!

If you had to leave, tomorrow, and give up all your friend...




If you had to leave tomorrow, and give up all those people who are very important for you (and even the people who is getting on your nerves – but who makes your life more..exciting-) lol…

Imagine it was allowed you, during one day, before you leave, to do WHATEVER you want, What would you do?

(and sorry for the mistakes) ^^'

12:41 PM Jan 18 2008 |

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Saudi Arabia

 ( there is no mistakesUndecided)

if i have to leave i will be so sad, samewhile i will accept my new life and miss every one i left ,

and during that day iam gonna give every one of my friends a little nip to remember me) hehehehe

then iam gonna say goood byyyyyyeeeee every one…....

but where r u going to take me …............


06:38 PM Jan 18 2008 |




I did it one time, I would do it a second time. 

The first time I had to leave I had to leave behind my best friend as well. That had been hard for me. Even now I still miss her… although we still are friends and write  letters, mails and so on….

So if I´d leave a second time it would be not as hard as it had been before for me if I think of friends living in my town… but nowadays I live in my favourite town and that´s what I absolutely would miss: living there. That´s why on my last day I´d bid farewell to my living town by having a long walk through all the parks I like, sitting at the Oder (a river), thinking of all the good times and. of course, the bad times I´ve experienced there.  

05:51 AM Jan 20 2008 |



It must be very sad for me.

I will gather them and told them my apology and love.

Then i well give them a special gift.

06:36 AM Jan 20 2008 |



If i will leave,and will lose so many my friends,i will be very sad,really!but i will bless them everyday live happily

07:39 AM Jan 20 2008 |



tomorrow will be better! more friend!more happy!

08:02 AM Jan 20 2008 |




I would like to ceiebrate dance & enjoy & then I wills ay Good bye..

02:07 AM Jan 21 2008 |




give everyone a deeply kiss!!:))))


04:08 AM Jan 21 2008 |



   if i  had to leave tomorrow.

   The frist time  i said "i love you "tall soul gril and love  family to ever one.

   Then i have to  swimming at sea.becase i like nature.i imagine i was a fish in sea swimming.now i dead at sea.

04:25 AM Jan 21 2008 |

Sisi Chen

Sisi Chen


i will invite everyone to my leaving party and then say goodbye,also i will find friends quickly and enjoy the time with them

06:30 AM Jan 21 2008 |