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Life Talk!

I have two questions to you

Omar - Friendly

Saudi Arabia


I have two questions to you to make information bank in my page for visitors.

First, Why always the girls more jealous then men ?

Second, Why the love always in the beginning grown up but after a few months the love become cold and empty ?




03:02 PM Sep 22 2008 |

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it is a study,Nono…and there an expression in this science called the fisrt year marraige crisis…
and from ur comment i think u r not married yet…when it happen tell me after one year provided that a routine dealing day continue along that year… i mean for ex. no absence for short time happen to one of the paterners…
and i think the proverb is an evidence for that:-
absence makes heart grow fonder
or as we arab say:
ابعد حبه تزيد محبه

06:06 AM Sep 26 2008 |



first answer:

I think that men are as jealous as women. because all one like capture feeling when men/women are in love.

Maybe women are better jealous, but  just to draw attention from lover.

second answer:

Many person like new things more than old ones. and person get finding lover's advantage and defect when they get together for a long time. so easily to break love with habit, interesting and so on.

above is my opinion.



06:47 AM Sep 26 2008 |