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What Is The Best Age To Get Married?



Sri Lanka

Good Day,


Thay say, Teenage or early adult marriages have a divorce rate of 75%-85%, so i just wanna know what is the best age to get married?


Well, my opinion is the best age to get married is arround 30, cause than we are mature enough to get married.


It's your turn…feel free to share your opinion


 Thank you…

11:22 AM Nov 22 2008 |

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The best age to get married is when the person is ready to take the obligation of marriage, and responsibilities of having a family.  You maybe young to get married yet maybe matured and know your obligation and responsibilities.  Or you maybe older, yet you're immature and irresponsible.  So, for me, the gauge of when is the best to get married is when your mind and heart is ready to ACCEPT and carry on obligations and responsibilities.  

04:07 PM Feb 10 2009 |

Whitney S

Whitney S


I think it's when you be 27-28

08:07 AM Jul 24 2009 |