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Love for life



OK, people,help me.

im just a normal teenager,i have problems with crushes and stuff,and i need some answers and suggestions.

a male friend of mine a year ago,he was very nice and caring, but becuz of some messes he left me,but i still want to be fiends with him, and i did like him,but he acts like he hates me, a lot, hardly ever talk to me, i dun understand, does this mean he still cares or he just purely hates me…im lost….

12:49 AM Mar 12 2007 |

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everyone have crush with their opposite sexes… it seems you are in love with him.. also you said he cares for u.. but that doesnt mean he is in love with u.. all you have to do now is go and propose him straightly.. (will you mind if he says no to u?..)

05:52 PM Mar 15 2007 |



i dun mind at all,at least i can stop worrying about this. however, im moslt likely giving up ryt now…a crush is a crush,all teens hav it so..no biggie!

11:14 PM Mar 15 2007 |



As there is no sign of love from his side for last one year, it's better to forget him and go for a real , genuine and affectionat companion and give some meaning to your life.This is not the end you have to go a long way….



12:27 PM Mar 16 2007 |



there was sign from last year,but i guess nothing now,still,the satuation is pretty bad..anyways. theres something called deal with it for me…tyty

03:27 AM Mar 17 2007 |