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Do u believe that its possible to find true love or friendship on web?




Is it possible in ur oppinion to find real love on web? Maybe u already found one? Have u got some friends that u met on web but u already know them in real?

06:05 AM May 18 2009 |

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its so possible :)

i found my love on internet too! ans i love him ^^

ive lots of real friends on internet too!!

12:11 AM Jun 22 2009 |


United States

It is possible,and I said that becouse my mother met her husband in internet, she began to chat with him,and they had a relationship for almost 3 years, later, on 2005 they met in person,he traveled to Colombia, and they fell in love inmediately,more than before, on 2006 they got married,now we live on united states together, we are happy,is a good example the love internet.Now I am 20 years old I have been living in miami for 9 months, my goal is to speak, read and write english well, and go to the university this ogost. I would like to speak with people with the same goal, from diferents cultures and interesting things to talk. Thank you…


03:34 AM Jun 22 2009 |



        yes!  this romance story manbe happen!   If two people  live in the same city, it should be happen! in my opinion,  this is very excited and romance!

   in most situation! they may become good net friend! they can share some topic and story !  or changing their opinion about some stories!

04:30 AM Jun 22 2009 |

Aisha E

Aisha E


Oh yes!

not only love, but you can also find very nice people and become very close friends.

I've already met people, who are my best friends now


11:29 AM Jun 22 2009 |




In fact, I do not believe that the network, but do not deny there are exceptions

12:32 PM Jun 22 2009 |



yes,  someone  had  marride   and  so   sweet.  but  now  the   lucky  thing  haven't   happen  to  me .

04:21 AM Jun 25 2009 |


Saudi Arabia

for me i belive only in friendship,but love accourding to my culture its very difficult to find such thing,as they said abov you can't predict people and you can't know what r they thinking of,so the one must be carefull.

i have met lots of friends in web specially the beautiful creatures lool and we still seeing eachothers online.


many thanks

04:09 AM Aug 26 2009 |




If i believe than can i have a chance with you to make experiment?......Embarassed

05:50 AM Aug 26 2009 |



for me, it is hard to do that

03:33 AM Aug 28 2009 |

Whitney S

Whitney S


Maybe good friends, but love..mmm I dont know..well…we never knowLaughing

06:51 AM Aug 31 2009 |