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Life Talk!

The problems with guys




I read an article The problems with guys in Yemen Times journal by Nasser alhamami And I like to share it with it's funny …so this what he wrote:


The problems with guys

If u treat him nicely, he says u are in love with him.

If u don't, he says u are proud

If u dress nicely, he says u are trying to lure him.

If u don't, he says u are from village

If u argue with him, he says u are stubborn

If u keep quiet he says u have no brains 

If u are smarter than him he'll lose face 

If he's smarter than u he is great

If u don't love him he tries to possess u.

If u love him he try to leave u (very true huhh?)

If tell him your problem he says u are troublesome

If u don't he says that u don’t trust him

If u scolds him u are like a nanny to him.

If he scolds u it's because he cares for u

If u break your promise can't be trusted

If he breaks his he is forced to do so

If u smoke u are bad girl

If he smokes he is gentleman

If u do well in your exams he says it's luck

If he does well it's brains

If u hurt him u are cruel

If he hurts u are too sensitive!!! &sooo hard to please!!!!

If u send this to guys they will swear that's not true….but  if u don't they say u are selfish

The moral of this story is…..

 SEND THIS TO GUYS OUT THERE ANYWAY….Send it to girls also gives them some laughter… 


11:57 AM Jun 05 2009 |

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easy to control by stupied one….i just hread and

have alot storied about that how they are stupied when they let stupied one control thier lifes

10:22 AM Aug 15 2009 |

mini lony lee


 life speaks this.

  but these  problems make life exciting ,dont them?

 to me  i like to do the opposite.it`s cooooooolCool

08:10 PM Aug 15 2009 |



I believe you are right for 90% of them and I agree with you in all you have written!

09:29 PM Aug 15 2009 |



Syrian Arab Republic

when we let you control us thats because we understand your feelings and cuz we love you and want you to be happy and feel happiness not cuz we are silly you must focus in this point

01:29 AM Aug 16 2009 |



hi there to all friends ,about wat u r talking about it is correct 100% because nowadays this is happening ,n girls they have right not to trust any guy and even good ones because they r in chaos.all the best for everybody

03:45 AM Sep 11 2009 |

rose Ahmed

rose Ahmed


thats true i am totally agree with what you write espacaily that if u treat the guys in nice way they will say that u r in love with them and its not only for yamani guy its for all guys

and beside i perefer the guys to say a bout me stobern and proud insted of weak and also i perefer to try to possess me insted of leave me

12:06 AM Sep 12 2009 |