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What is your dream job?


United States

I know the economy is not great right now- many of my friends here in California are searching for ANY job they can find… but whatever happened to finding your "Dream Job". In my mind, a dream job would be having the ability to travel whenever I want, meet lots of interesting people, make enough money to buy the things I need (not necessarily what I want) and also know that I am helping people somehow!!!

08:14 PM Sep 16 2009 |

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a professional translator

09:06 AM Aug 12 2015 |



well i want to be scientist,journalist,musician and artist at the same time but i will be scientist

02:22 PM Aug 12 2015 |



Russian Federation

I want to write stories. well, i do this now but i want to earn money by this way. it’s too hard to be a writer, i mean, a good writer. you need to have some special people, who have friends in all areas of society and who have money. that may make you popular.

only your talent won’t help you to sell your books. that’s sad :(

07:10 PM Nov 17 2015 |



I would want to be a writer and translator many years ago for both of them were fully free time and exactly expressing my thought.

But now I want to be a successful mother and i am in the effort. And now i love my job which I can take it as the objection of my effort. It is enough. So I am very grateful for this job which can allow me to have enough time to be a good mother.

08:32 AM Dec 25 2015 |