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Stop Capital punishment for teenagers


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

 Behnoud Shojai

A few days ago Behnoud Shojai a 21 years old boy was executed in Iran, when he was 16 years old while fighting with another boy accidently killed him, and after that time he spent 5 years in prison in tumult of being executed or not and eventually he was executed in 11 October (Just a day after “the World Day Against the Death Penalty” on 10 October)


In Iran’s law, teenagers who commit a murder their execution postpone till they become an adult and then are executed and family of victim decides to whether forgive murderer or not, in recent months many artists tried to collect money and give it to victim’s family as a penalty to prevent his execution but government refused it.


LAST MOMENTS OF BEHNOUD'S LIFE: Behnoud was standing on a chair with the rope around his neck. The victim's family entered the room, Behnoud came face to face with the victim's mother and told her "I never had a mother, you be my moth…er and love me." The victim's sister and brother were also on their knees begging their mother to forgive Behnoud, and the victim's father remained silent. Behnoud pleaded one last time to the mother, and she gave a firm "NO" and took the chair from under Behnoud and Behnoud was left hanging. This picture was shortly taken after Behnoud's death.

 Behnoud Shojai after excution

I don’t know why forgiveness for some people is so hard, I don’t know if I can forgive or not but I wish from God to give me a big heart to forgive myself and others.


How’s capital punishment in your country? And what’s your opinion about capital punishment?


Additional links:

Behnoud's Shojaee funeral 13 Oct



10:04 AM Oct 16 2009 |

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The matter of Justice, and Capitol punishment particularly, shouldn't be discussed from 'personal' point of view.

It's a social matter mainly. The parameter of any punishment is not to soothe the wounds of victim. The Justice when administered by state, shouldn't be a tool for personal revenge.

In India, any crime, principally, is considered to be committed against 'society', thus its sovereign representative State.

Thus, if any Crime is committed, the victim can neither forgive nor avenge the accused. Thus, an Objective condition of Justice is created.

Capital punishment is awarded in "Rarest of rare" cases, not in every murder. Even twin murder are considered to be 'heinous' crime, thus increasing the duration of imprisonment.

Rarest of rare crime includes – say – if a little girl is raped and brutally killed by a blood relation, or some years ago , a daughter and his husband killed Seven members of family of a State Minister in family dispute over property, in such cases 'Capitol Punishment' was awarded.

04:31 AM Oct 17 2009 |



All respect for all young Iranians doing their best to change the system and make their country a better place.


Hope, Israel may too have some of the likes!

05:05 AM Oct 17 2009 |




This is unbelievable.In Egypt,we have the capital punishment but I think it is not applied to the teenagers.This year.Egypt witnessed alot of capital punishments but most of them were fair; there are 10 men who kidnapped a woman and raped her untill she died,another person slaughtered 2 innocent children because there is a conflict between him and the father of the 2 children.Another woman was killed by her maid's husband who stole her jewels.I agree with this punishment for the adult criminals who committed horrible crimes.But i'm against it for the teenagers who are still unable to control themselves.

09:30 AM Oct 17 2009 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of


Thanks fabs1 for your nice wishes.


On 4th November (Student’s Day in Iran) our green people and students will gather on streets again, so it's going to be another Green Day.


I had a dream and i will make it come true.

03:47 PM Oct 17 2009 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Hi my friend :-(


It’s really good that India use capital punishment only in necessary cases, it seems that Indians have a unique way to perform this law.


04:02 PM Oct 17 2009 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of



A few pictures from his funeral


an unlucky young man, Behnoud Shojaee


Stop execution for teenagers



Poster of “the World Day Against the Death Penalty”





 May His Soul Rest in Peace

05:27 PM Oct 17 2009 |



You have to commit a very serious offense to recieve the death penalty in the USA. It is not handed out causally for ideological or religious reasons like in the middle east. In Afghanistan a muslim can be executed for converting to christianity.

To kill a man that is a mass murderer, like Timmothy McVeigh is one matter apart from simply executing any person that breaks the law.

Some people really deserve to die for what they have done, you know.

05:54 PM Oct 17 2009 |




It is not unique system of India. It is one of the remarkable principles of English jurisprudence, which was a remarkable advance from Medieval jurisprudence. Though, I am not an admirer of our legal system.

Coming to the topic, Committing death is not murder, but committing death with "intention to kill" is murder. Even then there are some exceptions – say, if a police officer kills a robber in encounter and the self-defence- if a girl commit murder while saving herself from Rape.

Even if someone commits a murder under sudden and grave provocation, say if one finds his wife in compromising position with other man, then in eastern countries, it is an understandable situation of "sudden & grave provocation". Such accused need be punished but not with capital or life term etc etc.

Then the age is a factor need be taken into consideration.

So, the case you mentioned, if it is an "accidental" case, it is complete injustice on any merit.


04:15 AM Oct 18 2009 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of





As I’ve read in news it seems that it was an accidental but if even it was a deliberate murder, capital punishment for a teenager is too much, but I think in this case 5 years in prison was enough for him.


I understood, Thank you.

04:20 PM Oct 18 2009 |