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Life Talk!

When you were a kid,what did you want to be when you grew up?



in my childhood,i really wanted to be a doctor and cure ill people,help them.and the other reason was i also used to be sick very often in winter,now also.being soctor i would treat both me and other ill people.but i was afraid of blood,such kind of things,couldn`t stand it..then years passed.i changed my mind and 2 years later i`ll be a translator.i don`t regret it.i like english language very much and learn it.but..still when i see any doctor,i feel weird,come strange feeling to me such as I could be in place of him/her..off..never mind..what about you??

02:19 PM Feb 27 2011 |

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ranoom rano

Syrian Arab Republic

I want to study communications technology
and I’m studieng hard to effect my dream…..

01:59 AM Nov 27 2011 |