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Life Talk!

An earthquake happened in Japan



There has been a large 8.9-magnitude earthquake off Japan.Some people injured.

Japan is a neighbour of China.A group of rescue from Japan help chinese people in 2008.I think Japanese can get through the tragedy.Hope everyone safe and well.

Let's pray for them.

07:46 AM Mar 11 2011 |

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Lovely Fabian

United Arab Emirates

 Frown Cry

I am at my weakest..

10:10 AM Mar 13 2011 |




I wish all the Japnese members of Englishbaby are all safe and fine now!! 

such a terrible disasters,i'm very worry about it!!! may god bless them 

03:49 PM Mar 13 2011 |



United Arab Emirates

that's really terrible thing ,i feel sad about that , plight and will go …

07:08 PM Mar 13 2011 |



This powerful earthquake was human disaster,jist occurred in Japan

Do what we can do to help them

Let's pray for them!

01:30 PM Mar 14 2011 |

Ali Sadeghi

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I am In Iran, But My heart is with Japan.Iranians always pray For Japanese.

04:22 PM Mar 14 2011 |




After earthquake ,  Tyhoon  Roke hit.

We lost the crops, people,jobs,houses…

I live in safty place, but the victims stil have fears.

Let’s pray for them more.

10:07 AM Sep 27 2011 |