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please proofread this sentence


maria_bSuper Member!


Hello Ebaby! Teacher,

I'd like you to check if the sentence below is grammatically correct and give a suggestions if it's not.

"Every time he send us the products we receive it after the delevery had already left."

Thank you for your help !!!

01:37 AM Nov 14 2008 |

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Teacher AmySuper Member!

United States

Hi, Maria! 


There are a few things you can do to improve your sentence:


Every time he SENDS us the products we receive THEM after the delivery HAS already left. 


SENDS: remember that your verb needs to agree with your subject. He/she/it agrees with "sends," not "send."

THEM: "products" is a plural noun. So the pronoun you replace it with should also be plural. "Them" is plural, but "it" is singular.

 HAS already left: You are talking about the present, something that regularly happens. So you need to use the present perfect here (HAS left), not the past perfect (HAD left). 


Hope that helps!  


07:51 PM Nov 17 2008 |