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+ing after some verbs...




I know I have to add verb+ing after some verbs like "enjoy,." For Example: He enjoys watching movie.

What are the other common verbs like "enjoy"?  Thank you!!

10:53 PM Jan 05 2009 |

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Teacher AmySuper Member!

United States

Good question! There are a LOT of verbs that are often followed by "ING" verbs, or "gerunds." They include:

admit, adore, anticipate, appreciate, avoid, carry on, consider, contemplate, delay, deny, describe, detest, dislike, enjoy, escape, fancy, feel, finish, give, hear, imagine, include, justify, listen to, mention, mind, miss, notice, observe, perceive, postpone, practice, quit, recall, report, resent, resume, risk, see, sense, sleep, stop, suggest, tolerate and watch.


And watch out for the lesson on Jennifer Hudson next week. It will talk more about "ING" verbs.

02:10 AM Jan 06 2009 |