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Ask for endurance

np36Super Member!



       If I would like to ask someone how strong/endurant he is, can I ask "how many floors can you climb the stairs without stopping"? Thank you very much.

03:10 AM Feb 03 2009 |

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Teacher AmySuper Member!

United States

It would be better to say "how many flights of stairs can you climb without stopping?"


That is definitely a good endurance test! (I just climbed 8.)Laughing 

09:55 PM Feb 04 2009 |

np36Super Member!


Dear Amy,

      Thank you very much for your answer. I think to climb the stairs is the way to exercise (without paying for gym) and it also helps conserve energy (elevators will be used less).

02:40 AM Feb 05 2009 |

Teacher AmySuper Member!

United States

I agree! 

10:25 PM Feb 06 2009 |