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about essay


Viet Nam

Hi teacher!

I'm freshman at EnglishBaby. Can you help me to correct my essay?


10:40 PM Feb 09 2009 |

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Teacher AmySuper Member!

United States

Hi! I'm glad you've joined us! I'm sorry to say that I can't correct your entire essay. However, if you have a specific question about grammar or vocabulary, I'd be happy to help! You might want to review at some of the other questions in the forum to get an idea of what they usually look like.


I look forward to your questions. Smile 

11:48 PM Feb 09 2009 |


Viet Nam

Hi teacher Amy!

Thank you for your answer. I've learned EnglishBaby lesson and I think this lesson is interesting. I hope you can help me to answer my questions in English. Just only reading, listening your lesson…


12:27 AM Feb 10 2009 |

Teacher AmySuper Member!

United States

Sure, I'm happy to answer your questions! Do you have one now?



09:36 PM Feb 11 2009 |