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About "cloth"

np36Super Member!



        How are you? I hope you are doing fine.

       Could you explain the difference between cloth, clothes, garment, attire, wardrobe, apparel and maybe other words related to this group?

        Can we say "We are now running out of milk." or should we say "Milk is running out." And should we say "We are running low of milk" or "Milk is running low"?

        Thank you very much and please have a nice day.

12:17 PM Jul 21 2009 |

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Teacher AmySuper Member!

United States


"Cloth" is the material used to make clothes. A garment is a single piece of clothing, whereas clothes refers to everything we wear, as do apparel and attire. A wardrobe is all the clothes one owns.

We can say "we are running out of milk" or "we are running low ON milk." We can also say "The milk is running low" or "The milk is running out." You must use the definite article in this case because you are referring to the specific milk that you have in your house, not milk in general.

Thanks for your good questions!



01:12 AM Jul 22 2009 |