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a more complex sentence, is it easy to understand ?

attonieSuper Member!

United States

“This book describes the two events being able to be happened at any time in any place”

Is it grammatically right ? and easy to understand ?

08:31 PM Dec 14 2017 |

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Teacher AmySuper Member!

United States


There are just a few things that are grammatically confusing in this example. 

1. We often use “as” after the verb “describe” in sentences like this. Since “as” is a preposition in this situation, it is typically followed by a noun or gerund (“being” will work for your example).

2. The adjective “able” is often followed by a basic infinitive verb when we talk about someone having the ability to do an action.

Here is my suggestion for your sentence: “This book describes the two events as being able to happen at any time and in any place.”

I hope this helps!



07:25 PM Dec 15 2017 |