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Past Simple & Past Continuous - for today




Hi, I have 4 sentences, which are for sure correct cause I checked them in a book from which they are…But I’d like to ask you for help, How can I explain that in this sentence it’s used PAST CONTINUOUS instead of PAST SIMPLE ?

1. I WAS HOPING to go away this weekend, but my bos gave me some work that I have to finish by Monday.

2. When I WAS LIVING in Paris, I spent three hours a day travelling to and from work.

3. I bumped into Mary lat week. She WAS LOOKING a lot better than when I last saw her.

4. I WAS PLAYING badminton four times a week before I broke my ankle.

I hope person who will help me is native speaker of English, or know English very well.

Thank you!

03:46 PM Oct 24 2011 |

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well, they are correct

08:48 PM Nov 02 2011 |




Yes it’s past continues.

08:30 AM Nov 17 2011 |

Fuad Hasan


Yes These sentance are past continuous

04:39 PM Nov 29 2011 |


Saudi Arabia

i was studying when my brother came

07:45 PM Jan 01 2013 |


United States

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03:07 PM Nov 29 2017 |



hey is there any body here 

07:45 PM Nov 30 2017 |




We use the Past Simple to talk about events that happened once in the past, or in a given time period in the past. The Past Continuous describes events that were happening around a particular time in the past.

The Past Continuous is used for actions in the past that are interrupted by actions in the past simple. Sentences 1 and 4 are good examples. The past continuous suggests a situation that goes on for some time, whereas the past simple describes situations that happen quickly.

Hope this helps 

Kind Regards


01:38 AM Jan 04 2018 |


United States

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07:44 AM Jan 12 2018 |


American Samoa

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08:39 PM Jan 16 2018 |