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Helpfull Dogs!!

Helpfull Dogs!!

Date: May 20 2007

Topic: Reading

Author: Thiago Henrique de Souza


Imagine not being able to reach a light switch, pick up keys when you drop them, or open a table drawer. Then imagine having a dog that could do all of that and more for you.

As well as being great fun for everyone, dogs can help people with physical disabilities. Dogs can be trained to pick up fallen objects, open doors, and turn on and off lights.

Dogs can also help people who are deaf or have difficulties with hearing. Hearing dogs can alert their owners by touch when they hear different sounds. They can be trained to recognize sounds such as the telephone, a baby`s cries. knock at the door, an alarm clock, or a name. Dogs can even indicate witch direction the sound comes from.

Guide dogs can help owners who are blind or difficulties with seeing. Actually, it`s not the owner who guides the dog. For example, dogs cannot actually read traffic lights the owner decides when to cross the street by listening to the sounds of lights or cars. Howerver, the guide dog will not cross the street if it sees danger.


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Sherry Ko

Sherry Ko


My old sister had a dog named “Bo er” 3 years ago.But Bo er caught a disease and died last year. It was grievous,so I am afraid to raise a dog although I like dog very much.

08:55 AM Jul 24 2007 |


Saudi Arabia

dogs are so dirty.

but so friendly

so they can be friend but not close.

09:50 AM Jul 23 2007 |



hi i am not surprise that dogs or whatever can help because they are so faithful more than human 

10:47 AM Jul 22 2007 |

jenny koh

jenny koh


Yeah, i like dogs.

08:26 AM Jul 21 2007 |



Eh? Shouldn't "Helpfull" be spelt with one "L" only? Surprised

03:21 PM Jul 18 2007 |


United States Minor Outlying Islands

I think all is posible. I have a very inteligent dog. She knows comunicate with me. i say she because i try hier like human. I love the dogs. they are our friends. i can’t put up with someone who hits a dog.

04:42 AM Jul 07 2007 |




yes i love dog ,it my friend

03:03 AM Jul 05 2007 |




why can i see you review words!!!

06:27 AM Jul 01 2007 |



dog s are our friends

01:03 AM Jul 01 2007 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

hi .i have a bige smart dog at my place ,he is a active guard for our house .

05:16 AM Jun 30 2007 |




hi! i’m jp from philippines, it’s really nice to have a trained dog coz it’s very helpful to a person in their everyday living.

04:38 AM Jun 28 2007 |



dogs are very amzing this is my id is “braveheart2007@hotmail.fr”

05:00 PM Jun 27 2007 |




Indeed,some of people have eaten dogs.but it`s a custom.so people first.but it is less and less.and I think saving it can solve the danger of food.it`s inspired by some people eat other animals.but as property right.er…I heard a news they could not find any supplier.they stole dogs of the private family by poison that cause some of people who eat dogs were  affected by poison.I think they dare not to eat dogs.and supplier violate a law.

09:24 AM Jun 26 2007 |



United States

what ?are u saying that dogs gonna be able to drive in the next 20 years ?  guess so…I mean Iwould love to see my dog drive me everywhere around the world,,why not take me to China ??!!Laughing

08:44 AM Jun 26 2007 |




Thats true, Dog is very helpful, pet & honest animal, it will allways honest to his owner. it has much sense power therefore it will be able to do all the works thus you said. i have also a beutiful dog his name was  'Micky' now he is dead, we never forget it.

11:00 AM Jun 25 2007 |

mido hamdy


hi i'm from egypt and i consider dogs especial kind of animals they may be loyal and they may be an enemy

all what i want to say if you can't see your road take agood and strong dog as a companion

08:57 AM Jun 25 2007 |




There are lots of movies talk about dog.

I love dogs, dog is the friend of human.

04:29 AM Jun 25 2007 |




but some people eat dogs right?Sealed

02:50 AM Jun 25 2007 |



Dogs are very helpful,so we must protect them.dogs are our honest friends, maybe it is better than human,I like it.I'm Sandy,from China.


01:58 AM Jun 25 2007 |


United Arab Emirates

ithink peaple must help each other but you can keep your pit for playing

08:44 AM Jun 24 2007 |

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