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Triangulate English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Jan 15 2008

Themes: Party, Romance, Soap Opera


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

By now we all know that Amanda likes Mason. Hopefully you remember that Devan likes him too. But Amanda and Devan didn’t know they were in competition for him…until now.

Mason is having a little get together at his apartment. Look how tense it is as Amanda and Devan try to make chit chat in the kitchen. And watch what happens when Mason walks in…

3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.







Devan:  Mason’s got a great place, doesn’t he?

Amanda:  Yeah, it’s really cool and there’s this amazing view from the balcony.

Devan:  Yeah, have you seen his bedroom yet?

Amanda:  What?

Devan:  Oh, nothing.

Amanda:  What did you say?

Devan:  Did you notice his new haircut…

Amanda:  Did you say bedroom? Or did you say bathroom? Because I hope you said bathroom. Because there’s no reason for you to have been in his bedroom.

Devan:  Right. No, of course. Of course I’ve never been in his bedroom.

Amanda:  OK. Because his sheets are really soft…

Devan:  What?

Amanda:  His sheets are really soft.

Devan:  Huh? Sheets? His sheets? Oh, you’ve been in his bed.

Amanda:  No. Have you seen his haircut?

Devan:  Yeah it looks…

Mason:  Hey guys.

Devan:  Hey!

Mason:  You two, uh, top her off.

Amanda:  Hey, Mason, what’s going on?

Mason:  Oh not much.

Amanda:  What?

Mason:  Oh, nothing.

Amanda:  I like your hair!

Devan:  I do too! I like your hair too.

Amanda:  I like your face.



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Devan comments that she likes Mason’s apartment, and Amanda says there’s a nice view from the balcony. Then Devan asks if Amanda has been in Mason’s bedroom. Amanda assumes that since Devan is asking, she’s been in Mason’s bedroom and she gets upset. But it turns out that Devan is bluffing. She hasn’t been in Mason’s bedroom.

Amanda can play that game too. She says that Mason’s sheets are soft, even though she later admits that she’s never been in his bed!

Then Mason walks in and gets a beer. Amanda and Devan talk over each other in order to compliment him. It seems like it might make him a little nervous. He misuses the phrase “top her off,” which is something you say when pouring a drink, not grabbing a bottle. As he leaves, Devan sighs, and she and Amanda look at one another and realize they both like the same guy.

Which one do you think will finally get Mason? Amanda or Devan? Have you ever had a crush on the same person as one of your friends?



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......try threesome ~lol  way to go!!! mason

which reminds me of love triangle i got involved with 2girls back in college…..another love triangle in highschool too…..  lol~

anyway, quite a different story than the episode here,cuz those 2 girls were good friends.we had actually been kinda intimate friends …after a while,things got big…they both had a crush on me ,one told me.the other didn't  tell me ,though.she didn't even take a move,and finally decided to quit.i don't know if she made right choice ..  better be friends than eventually ending up ruining a friendship between 3 of us. not a bit like way amanda and devan act here . they were not competitive at all to each other. i guess both of 'em propablly just cried when in dorm….duno~

women are amazing~~sometimes they r way tolerate than men…  i think i loved both of 'em…actually i love lots of women.


03:39 AM Jan 15 2008 |




haha, so lovely girls!!

03:27 AM Jan 15 2008 |



i dont understand why they say that i think do they really like this guy? or just they dont know what they could takl about or just making a small talk 

02:16 AM Jan 15 2008 |




Embarassed    interesting.  maybe  it is more popular among superstars. anyway, really romantic

01:49 AM Jan 15 2008 |




Let's go on with their chit chat, or namely , an aguement…......

Amanda:  I like your face.

Devan:  No one said that i didn't like his face , i do and i will ,for good!

Mason:oh, guys , i see. what about…..

Amanda:  I like your lips.

Devan:  What? You've kissed him? Oh ,my god ! I can't believe it.(Tears down)

Amanda:  No, i didn't . But he did kiss me.

Devan:  Oh, guys, ok, you ,ya …ya  (to Mason)  said you loved my lips, didn't you?

Amanda:&$^$%)(&)$!!(heart bleeding, fights against Devan,with her box)....

Mason: Hey, dudes, come on , if you guys are not gonna stop fighting, i am  calling  911!.....


         Dizzy! Enough is enough!Where's the end of such story?

01:47 AM Jan 15 2008 |

Josh K

Josh K


they are fighting for one

01:45 AM Jan 15 2008 |

Josh K

Josh K


they thing same

01:06 AM Jan 15 2008 |

Josh K

Josh K


this plot very coming ur end

01:04 AM Jan 15 2008 |

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