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Date: Jun 20 2008

Themes: Friend, Hobbies


1. Learn Vocabulary - Learn some new vocabulary before you start the lesson.

2. Read and Prepare - Read the introduction and prepare to hear the audio.

Step right up, folks. The carnies have rolled into town and they’re here to show you a good time.

SEE! The freak show featuring Aquaman, the man who is half fish!
HEAR! The screams of children on dangerous rides!
SMELL! The scent of elephants and beer!
TASTE! Deep fried dough served with ice cream!
FEEL! Your wallet being stolen!
WIN! Prizes at games designed to be only almost impossible to win!
LIVE! The horrors of the haunted house and tell their tale!
LISTEN! To Marni and Mason talk about carnival season below.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Marni:  So it’s almost summer.

Mason:  Excited to hit up the festivals and all that jazz.

Marni:  It’s carnival season!

Mason:  I know. I gonna get me cotton candy and elephant ears and ride the ferris wheel...

Marni:  ...and get sick and throw it all up...

Mason:  ...and then I’m gonna get another one…

Marni:  That’s what you do! So yeah. You got your state fairs. We Americans, we love a good state fair. You’ve got your mediocre talent on the stage and your 4-H various award ceremonies.

Mason:  Yeah. Isn’t it weird, all the little farm-y ones where it’s like, “How big is your pig?”

Marni:  Exactly! But they get so big!

Mason:  What kind of pie did you bake?

Marni:  How big is your squash, your pumpkin…But I love that stuff. It’s so classic American.

Mason:  Definitely. But they pretty much throw a carnival for anything. There’s the Cinco de Mayo, right? Our Rose Festival thing.



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Mason and Marni are excited because when it’s summertime, carnivals come to town. They come for anything from the Mexican holiday of Cinco de Mayo to local events.

Sometimes carnivals have contests for farmers to see who can grow the biggest vegetable or raise the biggest pig. Carnivals always have games like the pop the balloon game shown in the picture.

Of course, carnivals bring certain special foods with them. Mason can’t wait to eat fried bread called elephant ears and big fluffy candy called cotton candy. He plans to eat so much of it he vomits and then eat more! Yuck!

But if the food doesn’t get Mason, the rides will. Do you get nauseous on roller coasters or spinning rides? When will a carnival come to your town?



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 I Hope not ˇ˙ˇ"

 just only school is over there

12:30 AM Jun 21 2008 |




It's very interesting! What are you going sweep in Washington?

11:55 AM Jun 20 2008 |





Here is a great place to emprove English !!

this summer I will go to Washington

hope that can still catch up

soooo  nurvious !!Embarassed

11:11 AM Jun 20 2008 |




it is very good that you came to know ferris wheel, but you have to remember it. Wink

10:29 AM Jun 20 2008 |



Wow! Besides a couple of new phrases, I learned the name of the wheel that revolves the people in baskets to heights. Ferris wheel… I was wondering that for a long time. But hadn't tried to find anyway. Thank you!

10:15 AM Jun 20 2008 |




The dialogue was a little difficult for me. They spoke too fast.

08:30 AM Jun 20 2008 |

Bob Ishida

Bob Ishida


It's time for carnival. Yes. But I guess it is only for people in northern hemisphere. Am I correct?Wink

01:40 AM Jun 20 2008 |




It's funny lesson; At the beginning i believe that one was by the by serie (carnival), but it's right all the same.


10:09 AM Jun 14 2008 |

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