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Monsters vs. Aliens

Monsters vs. Aliens

Date: May 27 2009

Grammar: Present Perfect Tense


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With their cute characters, bright colors, and imaginative plots, animated movies traditionally appeal to children. But in recent years, some animated films like The Incredibles and Shrek have featured more sophisticated jokes and deeper themes, helping them reach adults as well as kids.

The new animated movie Monsters vs. Aliens tells the story of Ginormica, a 50-foot woman, and her fellow monsters, who must save the earth from a bunch of nasty aliens. The movie has eye-popping 3D animation, and Reese Witherspoon does the voice-over for Ginormica. But is the movie entertaining if you’re older than 13? Listen to Jason tell Dale what he thinks about the film.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Dale:  It’s been such a long time since I’ve seen a beautiful, good 3D movie.

Jason:  Oh, man, you gotta see Monsters vs. Aliens.

Dale:  How was that?

Jason:  It’s good! Yeah. The monsters look really cool. Each of the monsters is like really individualized. And they all look completely different. The idea is that there are just these monsters that the government has collected over time. And then they have to use them to battle these aliens that have invaded the earth.

Dale:  So there’s like spaceships, and like “take me to your leader” kind of thing?

Jason:  Yeah, and there’s all kinds of opportunities to use 3D with all the different creatures that are in the movie.

Dale:  So it did stand out and jump out at you?

Jason:  Yeah yeah, stuff…There’s definitely some ooze flying your way.

Dale:  Do you think it’s more of a kid thing?

Jason:  It’s mostly an underdog story. It’s about someone who, you know, discovers her inner strength and does things she never thought she could do. It just so happens she also happens to be 50 feet tall. But they managed to come up with a theme that bridges ages, I think.


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Jason recently saw Monsters vs. Aliens, and he thought the animation looked really cool. All the fantastic creatures in the movie allowed the animators to get creative and come up with some eye-popping images.

Dale asks Jason if Monsters vs. Aliens is more of a kids’ movie, or if adults would like it, too. Jason thinks adults would like it because of its underdog theme. The main character, Ginormica, hates being 50 feet tall and wishes she could be a normal woman again. But in the end, she finds her inner strength and helps defeat the aliens.

What do you think an animated movie needs to appeal to adults?



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Saudi Arabia

i think its good movie….

i will try to see it….

12:56 PM Jun 01 2009 |



I think that even more there are more animated movies addressed to adults.

In my own opinion, there are a lot of adults that they are fond of cartoons and manga magazines for that reason the film industry is increasing the production of this kind of movies.



08:00 AM Jun 01 2009 |



It has been ages since I have not seen a 3D movie. The last time I saw one was in San Francisco.

I have never seen one in my home country. Inf I have the chance I would like to see one again. 

07:50 AM Jun 01 2009 |




it's the first 3D movie i have ever seen in my life, with my boyfriend, it was really cool, looks like they are just flying in front of your face, you could not help to stretch out your hand and try to touch the brushy maomaochong:)Cool

07:30 AM Jun 01 2009 |


South Korea

it was really good movie for kids and for adults. i watched that movie with my little sis.she really enjoyed that movie and i really enjoyed that movie too. before i watch that movie i thought that movie is just for kids not for adults. but after i watched it i completely changed my mind. it has very meaningful story and so many cute characters in it. i really recommend that movie!;)

05:58 AM Jun 01 2009 |



amazing movie..I suppose even though I haven't seen it  yet!

Well monsters are really charming and aliens even much more!Laughing.. I'ld like to  watch a new tecnological 3D movie..just like that! I suppose with special glasses.??

.and the plot about an underdog..who finds out inner strength that is an unespected thing..will definetely get you! if someone has already seen it.. please send me your opinion..I'm quite curious to know much more!thanksSmile

05:51 PM May 31 2009 |




it is beatıfull


11:40 AM May 31 2009 |




I´ve seen that movie and I´m an adult! My point is that Mosters&Aliens, as they say, is a movie that bridges ages. When I was at the cinema, the main audience had been adults.
I think that a movie can catch every kinda audience if there´s a good story and eyes-popping adventures. There´s no reason to appeal to adults, if the main idea is well thought, everyone will wanna see it!

05:13 PM May 28 2009 |




I´ve seen that movie and I´m a grown-up! My point is that Mosters&Aliens, as they say, is a movie that brigdes ages. When I was at the cinema, the main audience had been adults.

I think that a movie can catch every kinda audience if there´s a good story and eyes-popping adventures. There´s no reason to appeal to adults, if the main idea is catching, everyone will wanna see it!

05:09 PM May 28 2009 |


Palestinian Territory, Occupied

ooohhhh   niiiiiccce movie i like it :D:D 


03:49 PM May 28 2009 |


United Arab Emirates


02:28 PM May 28 2009 |



I like the movies that all family can watch… It´s good to watch on weekends!

02:08 PM May 28 2009 |




that would be great!!I guess the 3D technology is fitting adult's movie~~it can make more deeper plots in it,,,very cool~and a good idea

06:05 AM May 28 2009 |



There are many 3D movies that appeal to adults when its story talk about a general issue and problems that we have nowadays in real life. My best 3D movie is Shrek!!

12:22 AM May 28 2009 |




I think its a good idea, you have a movie that the whole family is able to watch, no worrys…something that makes you laugh and come up with a good theme it works. Every adult has a child inside himself.

09:57 PM May 27 2009 |


qq_babySuper Member!


I like 3D animations. It's fun and the characters are cute!!

06:37 PM May 27 2009 |



thanks alot.


05:03 PM May 27 2009 |


El Salvador

I saw that movie two month ago, and i have never seen a 3D movie. The story is very good, funny and romantic. Four monsters are become a very good friends and fight vrs the aliens to save the earth.  

04:25 PM May 27 2009 |



Dominican Republic

What a movie needs to appeal to adults is humor,a lil bit of reality and some of the the under dog theme.

03:32 PM May 27 2009 |




i've watched this movie with my little sister and we both liked it =) it was kinda odd the first 15 minutes when i wasn't used to the 3D yet but it was fun, haha =D

02:53 PM May 27 2009 |

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