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Peck English, baby! Video Lesson

Date: Jul 07 2009

Themes: Romance, Soap Opera

Grammar: Adjectives


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When it comes to dating, it is often good to be mysterious and aloof. If you’re too straighforward and let the person know exactly what you’re thinking, it can take all the fun out of dating.

But at the same time, it can be hard to read someone’s signals. Last time she hung out with Dale, Marni wasn’t sure if it was a date or not. Watch as a little peck on the cheek reveals loud and clear where things are going.

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Dale:  I had a really good time tonight.

Marni:  That was really fun.

Dale:  You like roller skating?

Marni:  Yeah. I did. I mean, I hadn’t done that since I was like, you know, five. So…

Dale:  I Imagine the merry-go-round...I mean, the same thing. Don’t you agree?

Marni:  It was classic, very beautiful, yeah, a lot of fun. So…Yeah. It was fun.

Dale:  We’ll do this again sometime?

Marni:  Yeah. Let’s do it for sure. OK. I’m gonna go.

Dale:  Alright. Bye. See you later.

Marni:  Bye.

Dale:  Call!

Marni:  I guess…I guess that was definitely a date. I didn’t think it was, but that was…Yeah. The kiss? Yeah. That was definitely a date. OK. So I’m dating again? Am I really dating? Is this a good thing? I think it’s a good thing. I think I want to be dating and Dale’s great, right? I mean, there was that whole, like, misconception thing about, you know, he was actually a cop, but he’s a cop. Do I want to date a cop? I guess it’s a kind of security. It’s safe, right? I’m a law-abiding citizen. I have nothing to hide. So, OK. I think I’m into this.


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Marni and Dale had a fun day. They went roller skating and rode a merry-go-round. As Marni gets out of the car, Dale gives her a little peck on the cheek.

Now Marni knows that Dale wants to be more than friends. But she has to figure out how she feels about it. As she gets ready for bed, she talks to herself in the mirror and decides that Dale is a nice police officer and she would like to date him.

How can you tell when someone likes you? Are you glad Marni and Dale are going to be together?



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United Arab Emirates

I beleive that a "peck"Kiss is a good way to tell some one "Hey I care about you"..

07:26 AM Jul 11 2009 |


South Korea

I want to amour

12:15 AM Jul 11 2009 |




It´s difficult to tell how to realize that a person is liking with you, but when the time comes to fall in love, I think it´s amazing. There´s some kinda connecting or feeling that only you can feel.

About Marni and Dale, it´s obvious He´s into her, but she seems to be a quite confused by the events. It could be better if Dale shows off what he really feels using his intelligence and charm, then it could work.


09:10 PM Jul 10 2009 |



Love is beautiful!

02:05 PM Jul 09 2009 |



I think instead of tonight it should have yesterday

08:31 AM Jul 09 2009 |




Basically, therer are instences that person you like could respect you in many ways.

01:41 PM Jul 08 2009 |



the first thing you have to look for some signals, like when someone look at you in a different way showing interesting.

09:26 AM Jul 08 2009 |




when I felt such a good athmosphere around of the person, the boy is usually estremelly gentle and say things to please me, something like that. I think they make a good couple and its a good thing to be with an interesting person.

12:23 AM Jul 08 2009 |




For sure Dale and Marni make a great couple,I think this union can work ;)

12:14 AM Jul 08 2009 |




There are much signs when someone is interested in us…Exchange of looks is the main and the one that I really like ;)

12:08 AM Jul 08 2009 |


Viet Nam

go ahead. Dale is an amazing guy

06:13 PM Jul 07 2009 |



I think Dale was really smart.Give a little peck on Marni's cheek was a good idea ,It definitly gove Marni a clearly signal.When I have a crush on a girl.I just want to make a lot of sinals to her.if she was interesing in me too,she will accept my activities to her.

03:33 PM Jul 07 2009 |




when i get atraction from 1 lady , i send signals to her , if she catch 1 and accept it … the rest is history.

backward , i think the ladies should do the same :)

03:16 PM Jul 07 2009 |



I should say that I'm always glad when two people want to be together, when they realize they like or love each other. I think this is a defenetly good thing they want to date.

Everybody had such situation when she or he need to tell about his/her feelings. My opinion is that the boy should do the first step. If you ask me what to do if you're a girl I would say that there is a sign language and we (girl) need to use it. Beside this our eyes can talk if we want, if we are interested in it. 


03:14 PM Jul 07 2009 |


Moldova, Republic Of

If I like someone I wouldn't say about it straightforward, however I would send signals! And if that man finds me attractive too, he would do the first step.

What about Marni and Dale, I guess they will not be together or if they do there will be often quarrels between them. 

02:43 PM Jul 07 2009 |




it is a feeling to feel someone likes to be with you! just feel it

02:31 PM Jul 07 2009 |




it is a feeling to feel someone likes to be with you! just feel it

02:31 PM Jul 07 2009 |




I felt Marni didn't like Dale and she was in trouble with dating again.

But I listened to her talking to herself and noticed that she didn't find herself be in love with Dale.

Tha guy I'm in love with also doesn't realize I like him.

02:29 PM Jul 07 2009 |




Hehe, this one is interesting!!

01:39 PM Jul 07 2009 |




remind me of a popular song in china—Simple Love.

i like pithiness,if i have something in my mind,i'll say it right,and never hide my feelings.

01:01 PM Jul 07 2009 |

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