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Train Travel

Train Travel

Date: Dec 04 2009

Themes: Travel

Grammar: Used to Do vs Be Used to


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The Rolling Stones sang “Get your kicks on Route 66,” not “Have fun while riding the train.” The US is a country of car-lovers, and driving and the open road occupy a special place in American pop culture.

But some Americans would prefer to travel by train, as is common and convenient in many other parts of the world. Unfortunately, the US doesn’t have a very extensive or efficient rail system. So it’s much more common for people to fly or drive between cities than to take the train. Find out how Marni and Mason feel about this underrated form of transportation.


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Marni:  You know what I love to do more than anything?

Mason:  I do not know.

Marni:  Travel on a train.

Mason:  Do you do that often?

Marni:  No, not often enough. And I think in America we don’t really have that opportunity, because we don’t really have a rail system that connects us easily from one city to another like in Europe and Asia.

Mason:  Yeah the last time I was on a train it was in Europe, so…

Marni:  Right. And they have such a great system there, you know, it’s so fast. But here we have Amtrak, which I love. I used to travel on the train a lot when I was little. I sort of associate that with my youth. And I’ve taken it up to Canada a few times. It’s beautiful, it’s a great way to travel.

Mason:  So, I mean it’s a much more passive thing. Like, it’s gonna take a long time, kinda like driving, but you’re not engaged like you are when you’re driving, where I actually have to pay attention to stuff.

Marni:  Right. You get to just sort of sit back and relax, and the trains are very nice.

Mason:  So when you go do you go with other people so it’s like social hour, or do you go with a good book and it’s like me-time?

Marni:  I’ve done both. And so I think there’s merit to both. It’s a fun way to travel with a lot of friends, but it’s a great way to get around just by yourself.


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Marni loves taking the train, and she wishes there were a better rail system in the US. Mason agrees that train travel isn’t as common or convenient in the US as it is in other parts of the world. Both he and Marni have had good experiences riding trains in Europe.

Marni used to take Amtrak when she was younger, and she’s continued to take the train in the US occasionally as an adult. She likes how relaxing train travel is, and she enjoys seeing the scenery. It can be a fun way to travel with friends, meet new people, or spend some quality time with yourself.

Do you like to travel by trains? Is train travel common in your country?



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I love this dialog

and travel !!

08:29 AM Dec 04 2009 |



United States

i love trains… i took my mother and little brother and little sister for a weekend out to Chicago like 3 months ago and we rode AMTRAK…. it was cool …oh boy and next summer am planning to take them to the Grand Canyons….and we will ride a TRAIN of course….

its faster because we dont have to stop at them stop light coz it never  has one :PP

08:24 AM Dec 04 2009 |




There is no train in my place:( we use buses for our daily transportation.

07:02 AM Dec 04 2009 |



well the traing travel is not very common in my country but some do , especially the very poor ones but most people take the busy to commute from place to place. For me I usually take the bus every single day as it 's really convenient and reasonable.

Fingers-crossed I will try to get around sometime by rail and that would be really amazing as I hardly ever take the train in my life. 

06:04 AM Dec 04 2009 |



Hi Viona, my friend using express train every day, it costs quite expensive though, but don't say you are using economic train…oh noooo….......

04:07 AM Dec 04 2009 |



In my country, travelling by train is very common. We have different railway systems. They are Taiwan Railway and High Speed Railway. The second one is more expensive but faster. Train travel is very convenient to us because traffic jam is a very serious problem here. Indeed, car travel is usually freer than train travel. But I'm with Marini that train travel will give you a different mood of relaxation and entertainment.

04:04 AM Dec 04 2009 |



Hi Viona, everyday? you mean express train connected Dejabotabek?

03:08 AM Dec 04 2009 |



I use train every weekend to my hometown visiting my family, I use train because its main station is located in front of my office, so on Friday after office hours I can straighforward walking there. Travelling by train, it's fun sometimes but kind of boring in another time, train is the common and the cheapest transportation in my country.

01:23 AM Dec 04 2009 |

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