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Date: Jan 26 2010

Grammar: Second Conditional


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Most creatures, including humans, are not monogamous by nature. In fact, in the animal kingdom, monogamy is extremely rare. But most of us still hope to find someone who will be loving and loyal to us for the rest of our lives. And cheating in a relationship is often unforgivable.

Recently, the whole world learned that Tiger Woods cheated on his wife, not just once, but many, many times. Find out if Ella and Jason think Tiger’s wife made the right choice by deciding to leave him.


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Jason:  I was surprised to learn that Tiger Woods cheated on his wife.

Ella:  I know! I was seriously so disheartened by the whole thing, because he’s like the poster boy of innocence and being good and you just…he seems so loyal, and all of a sudden these secrets came out.

Jason:  Yeah. And he didn’t just cheat once.

Ella:  I know!

Jason:  He had like a harem.

Ella:  He…yeah. It was impressive almost.

Jason:  There wasn’t another woman, there was like soccer team.

Ella:  I know. You’d expect this from rap stars, not golf players.

Jason:  Seriously, not a really wholesome guy, you know…

Ella:  It seemed like such a secret, but really everyone knew, after they did interviews with other celebrities. It was just kind of a mum’s-the-word kinda deal and everyone kept it on the lowdown.

Jason:  Yeah, I guess there must have just been a lot of sneaking around. But his wife, she left him.

Ella:  She did?

Jason:  Yeah. But other ones stay, you know, like Kobe’s wife stayed. But would you ever forgive someone for cheating on you?

Ella:  I feel like I would be more disturbed if there was emotional cheating rather than physical. Physical’s like “alright.”

Jason:  Is it ‘cause you can understand the physical cheating more?

Ella:  Yeah. Makes sense.

Jason:  Have you ever cheated on anybody?

Ella:  Maybe.

Jason:  Ah-ha!


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Jason and Ella were both shocked to hear about Tiger Woods’ infidelities. He has always had a wholesome image, so most people were surprised to learn that he cheated on his wife with many different women.

Ella thinks a lot of people knew about Tiger’s cheating before the news came out. But they kept it quiet so it wouldn’t ruin his reputation. When his wife learned how unfaithful he had been, she decided to leave him.

But as Jason points out, some people choose to stay with their partners even after they find out that they have been unfaithful. Ella thinks she might forgive someone for cheating if it was just physical. But she wouldn’t be able to forgive her partner if he fell in love with someone else.

Would you forgive someone for cheating on you? What is worse, emotional cheating or physical cheating? Do you think Tiger’s wife made the right choice by leaving him?



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United States

I never forgive a infidelity It's disrespectful and humiliating.  Both ways of cheating are bad although emotional cheating is worse.

I think Tiger's wife made the right decision by leaving him.  

12:32 AM Jan 27 2010 |


kado1919Super Member!

United States

cheater cheats just himself or herself

09:31 PM Jan 26 2010 |

s id

Saudi Arabia

i think physical cheating is worse then emotional cheating  .           

 may be  i never forgive someone if he cheat on me . so i think tiger `s wife did best  she left  him       


08:25 PM Jan 26 2010 |

Gabi Mendes


I think when you love someone and you want to be with this person, you can't ever cheat him/her. For me, I think I wouldn't forgive my boyfriend if he cheated on me. In my opinion, dosen't exist the worst, both emotional cheating and physical cheating are disgusting, unforgivable. Because of this, I agreed with Tiger's wife who leaves him.

07:44 PM Jan 26 2010 |



United States

i think it's disgusting to cheat… if you don't love this person anymore , just tell it directly! what's the necessarity of sneaking around ?! but tiger is kinda sick….he has such illness that i heard that he's in hospital now

04:06 PM Jan 26 2010 |

Kaka Yang

Kaka Yang


It's unacceptable for chating on emotional, since only human has emotional,that's why there is the difference btw human & "animal".

 Tiger is a good player on Golf but not good husband or pattern for young guy.

03:07 PM Jan 26 2010 |


United States

HI!!! WOOW i´m española, o my got i´m speaking english!xD

this chat is ugly, no?

goog, the american person is very happy,  :)

02:48 PM Jan 26 2010 |

Shinichi Lover


GOOD LESSONS, definitely I will not forgive someone whose cheat me, caz I hate cheating, cheating make people discord between each other and no body trust to any one caz of cheating, for me I think emotional cheating is more worse, caz the nature of the human well care about emotional rather than physical and that's an important diffrent between humans and animals! and I think Tiger's wife take a good choice by leaving him , caz if he don't do that who will care about he emotional again?!

01:00 PM Jan 26 2010 |

rose water

rose water


the cheater is the one who cheat his/her self befor cheating anybode else

12:04 PM Jan 26 2010 |




I think it´s worth trying to be a good partner …

10:59 AM Jan 26 2010 |

r ! f k i

r ! f k i


since animals ain't got heart and brain, they cheat..

humans got them both..

so..whoever cheats… is an animal

09:40 AM Jan 26 2010 |





07:53 AM Jan 26 2010 |



Russian Federation

People are not animals!!! It's natural and it's right if a woman  wants to be the only one for her man!! 

07:27 AM Jan 26 2010 |




Any type o cheating is unforgivable, unacceptable.

06:21 AM Jan 26 2010 |




Emotional cheating is worse, even if there was no any physical cheating (((

05:32 AM Jan 26 2010 |




Maybe  Woods cheated on his wife in Flesh,but not in emotionTongue out

04:47 AM Jan 26 2010 |

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