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Learn the Imperative Form

Date: Aug 28 2012

Themes: Soap Opera

Grammar: Imperative Form


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Even good people try to get away with certain things. They might speed when driving or borrow office supplies from work. It’s not a big deal.

Well, at least until they get busted! Suddenly the police show up and give you a ticket. Or your boss yells at you when her pen falls out of your bag.

When you get busted, you get caught doing something you shouldn’t be doing. However, if you’re talking about an object that’s busted, that means it’s broken. When you get busted doing something bad, you can think of it as your reputation getting broken.

See who gets busted for what at the office today.





3. Watch - Watch the video without reading the dialog.


1. Listen and Read - Listen to the audio and read the dialog at the same time.

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2. Study - Read the dialog again to see how the vocab words are used.





Jason:  Hey, Marni.

Marni:  Yeah?

Jason:  Can you think of a word that rhymes with “adorable”?

Marni:  Hmm. “Horrible”?

Jason:  It needs to be a little romantic.

Marni:  What exactly are you working on over there?

Jason:  It’s that report for that uh…important client, you know, that we have.

Marni:  Can I take a look at it?

Jason:  It’s just a rough draft. I don’t think it’s quite ready.

Marni:  Let me see that.

Jason:  No!

Marni:  This is not a report for a client.

Jason:  What are you talking about?

Marni:  This is clearly a love letter to your wife, Devan. You are so busted.

Jason:  No, this is totally for the client. We just have to woo them a little.

Marni:  Uh-huh. Let me read that. “To my beautiful wife on our two-month-aversary…” Jason, you are so busted.

Jason:  OK, you got me. I shouldn’t be doing this at work. Can you forgive me?

Marni:  Yes, I can forgive you. But I don’t know if Devan will. I mean, that’s a pretty bad poem.

Jason:  It’s that bad?

Marni:  Yeah. Here, let me take a look at it. Yeah, this whole first verse has got to go. Hand me an eraser.

Jason:  I don’t have one. Check Dale’s desk over there.

Marni:  OK. What is all this? Man, Dale can be such a slob.

Jason:  What is it?

Marni:  Oh my gosh. These are love letters to Dale.

Jason:  From whom?

Marni:  From Vanessa.

Jason:  Mason’s girlfriend?

Marni:  Yeah.

Jason:  Busted.


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Marni discovers that Jason is writing a love poem for his wife at work. He is totally busted. She’s not angry with him, but she is worried that the poem is so bad that his wife might be. She decides to help him.

While looking for an eraser, Marni finds some love letters in Dale’s desk drawer. They are from Mason’s girlfriend, Vanessa! Jason and Marni don’t know what to do with this terrible discovery. The just look at one another and say, “busted.”

“Busted” can be an adjective, as in, “Vanessa got busted.” It can also be a verb, as in, “Marni busted Jason writing poetry.”
Have you ever gotten busted doing something you shouldn’t be doing? Have you ever busted someone else?



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Russian Federation

I like watching tv-show in english to improve my litening skills and just for fun. I can watch several episodes in a row. But my husband doesn’t like me to do this all the time. He thinks i’m addicted to american tv-shows. And maybe he is right. So now i watch tv-shows only when my husband is not at home. But several times he came back to home early and I was busted…

11:04 AM Aug 28 2012 |




Being busted is the funniest moment ever, you just get these mixed feelings whether you should laugh or cry or simply freeze, or just wish you could go back in time to prevent whatever that you did from happening or being busted for.

I remember once I was almost busted big time during taking an English language exam. On the exam paper there were many questions, some of which were to provide translations in my native language. At this school of mine they let us bring cellphones, only we have to keep them in silent mode at all times. So, I had my cellphone with me on that exam day, and I knew previously that I could utilize it to help me with translations, so I made sure I had a very good bothways dictionary on it. So, here I’m working on the answers I stumble over a huge pile or unfamiliar vocabularies as my word stock was pretty low. So, the first thing that came to my mind at that point was to pull out my cellphone and just look them up, which I did, but not so long before the teacher on watch saw me looking conspicuously uncomfortable and came along to check on me, at the time I had already looked up a few words. so now the teacher is asking me,’ what are you hidding?, I said ‘Nothing’. My shirt had pretty long sleeves, so I’d sliped it into my left hand sleeve pretending I wasn’t doing anything unlawful, So now she wants to check under the paper, and as  she was about to, she suddenly sees the tip of my cellphone hanging around in my left sleeve, just then I knew I was so damn well busted, so she picks it up, looking at it, BUT to my incredible luck the cellphone kind of stopped working, I had been sweating so much my phone was drowning there. Anyway, now she’s telling me I should see her after I have finished my exam, and she takes it with her.. Afterwards I go to her and she word-slaps me around and then hands me over the “Fallen solider”, and nothing as serious as I had expected getting expelled for happened. I got to go home with an evilish grin on my face.




 i got busted for cheating on an exam , but most of the time, i got away from that . i’ve done many things i am not pround of when i was small , like stealing things , trashing talking other kids…, and once i was busted on the spot when i was spreading rummors about a gal whose anunt happened to be next door , she overheard all the things . later i feel sorry for what i did , but mostly i felt i need to do sth to undone all my mistakes and made me not the bad person. so i tricked the little gal who i was gossiping about to told me her secret , from there i got to know she once stole money from her counsin , so i got the stuff on her and i was more secure .but her anut wouldn’t let it go.  she came over to my hourse try to got to the bottom of it  ,just wanna made sure i was making up stories , so i used what i already got of the gal and made myself out of the situation nicely , even though i might be won in then end ,i can still remmember i was not feeling well , there was still a sense of guility ,even though i used my wisdom to gaved my ass …

07:17 AM Aug 28 2012 |

Irene Forever


When I was a little girl of seven, I did a very bad action. I lived with my grandparents. They had a big wooden moneybox, and they put there only metal roubles. The box was full of them and was very heavy. I wondered what is there inside of it. While turning it upside down one of the coins fell out. I looked at it and thought, Why not to buy something interesting? So I shook  it and another five coins fell out of there. I took them and went out with my friend. I invited her to the small cafe where we ate some very tasty pies, and  I bought a packet of match labels. I kept money in my mitten. It was winter and my granddad found  the rest of coins. Busted! I was ashamed, but he never told my granny about that. He was very loving  and kind to me.It was the only case I took somebody’s money.




I got busted by my mam last night.. she got into my room and the time was too late  found me awake .

02:17 AM Aug 28 2012 |




In third grade, in one of the pioneer camps, we had a tradition of painting our mates with  toothpaste at night. Of course when the last one were sleeping. Everything got to be done on tiptoes, at night, and very quiet for any of the adutls not to notice our mischievous deeds and not wake up, God forbid, the sleeping friend. Many times we ourselves woke up with toothpaste all over our arms and face. Tradition is a tradition and that night was called ironically  “the royal night” :) One night, an adult spotted us at it, we ran as fast as we could to our beds, but because of the super fast speed and fear not to get caught, got mixed up with the beds and jumped into any that was on the way hiding under a blanket until a strict adult got all the blankets off and revealing the wrong person there. Oh, she was angry! Busted! :)

Want to add, back that time nobody had known what an allergy is. That word was actually not in circulation. So, everything was safe in terms of health.



United States

In first grade, my teacher said  I shouldn’t be picking my boogers in class. but I liked to do it. One day, my teacher found a bunch of tissue paper with boogers in my desk. busted! In third grade, we had to run 1/2 a mile in PE. there was a girl who hated running. she ran 1/4 and then told the teacher she was done. well, she was a very slow runner and beat me in running. I told the teacher. busted!

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