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Baby Animals
Baby Animals

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Date: Aug 01 2018

Themes: Hobbies, Pets

Grammar: Adjectives


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What is it about baby animals? It’s hard to find anyone who doesn’t like baby animals. Recently, there was a story in the news about a leopard taking care of a baby monkey after killing its mother. There’s something about innocent creatures that seems to make us all act like parents, even if we don’t have babies of our own.

Baby animals can’t walk or see very well, they sleep on top of each other, they’re always hungry, and they’re incredibly soft. They bring out the nurturing parts of us. They make us want to pick them up and hold them to our hearts, and they make us smile. What’s not to love?

Brian and Gary are talking about baby animals. Who is obsessed? Read on to find out in today’s English lesson.


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Brian:  Hey, Gary.

Gary:  Hey, Brian.

Brian:  Guess what I watched today?

Gary:  Oh, no.

Brian:  A montage of kitten videos.

Gary:  They’re everywhere.

Brian:  I know! Aren’t they awesome? I love watching baby animals on YouTube.

Gary:  You mean people nurturing baby animals?

Brian:  No. I like watching baby animals do whatever they do. I find them to be innately cute. They’re so innocent.

Gary:  Yes.

Brian:  And I don’t know. They just make my heart melt. They turn me into a big old softie.

Gary:  Cute, little baby animals are dependent on their moms and all of the people that are cuddling them just as much as you’re dependent on Facebook seeing them.

Brian:  Come on. You don’t find them adorable?

Gary:  You know, they’re cute. I think they’re really cute. I think they’re adorable. But I’m not obsessed with the cute.

Brian:  I can only see your point because I think that human babies are extremely unattractive. I think that anything that’s fluffy and tiny is adorable, and hairless animals creep me out. Like babies.

Gary:  Pig babies are super cute.

Brian:  So you do like cute things?

Gary:  OK. You got me.


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Brian has been watching videos of kittens. It sounds a little bit like Brian’s obsessed with kitten videos, in fact. It’s easy to hear in Gary’s voice that Brian does this a lot. Videos of small, fluffy animals obviously make Brian happy.

Gary agrees that baby animals are cute. There is no question about this fact. But Gary doesn’t spend a lot of his free time watching videos of puppies, chicks and ducklings. He appreciates that they’re cute, but he chooses to use his time on other things.

The funny thing is that Brian is human, but he doesn’t enjoy looking at baby humans. Babies that don’t have any hair on them just aren’t good-looking to Brian.

Do you spend your time looking at photos and videos of baby animals? Why do you think people like baby animals so much?



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Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Oh baby animals. They’re adorable and it’s fun to watch them playing, running and jumping around. A few weeks ago a cat gave birth to 4 little fluffy kitten and I must admit that it really made my heart melt. They are very cute. The way they eat and drink milk, the way they look at you just make you want to grab them, touch them and cuddle them. When they look at you with those innocent eyes it just gives you a good feeling. A feeling that you don’t want to change with anything else.

05:54 PM Jun 13 2014 |



Hi,, I really don’t spend any time looking those kind of picture. But I think that people like baby animals more than when they are bigger,, but thats just my opinion.. have a nice friday…

01:12 PM Jun 13 2014 |

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Yes i totally agree, i’m like Brian i think that anything that’s fluffy and tiny is adorable, the most animals i like are, Cats, Dogs, rabbits

just seeing them in photos make me feel happy, then how about touching and playing with them? they are so cute ^^

10:44 AM Jun 13 2014 |


Russian Federation

Yes,my heart is melting like brian’s one when I’m watching  pictures or videos of babies…it’s not important if they are animals or humans…all they are so cute and innocent!

09:54 AM Jun 13 2014 |



Russian Federation

Yes, I like to look at photos of nice and funny baby animals, they make people smile, and maybe, make them kinder.

09:42 AM Jun 13 2014 |




honestly, my best baby animal friend are little birds and birds in general, they seem the only ones who understand me and never hurt or take profit from people. they never hide but come closer, they send strong messages of the Divine Wisdom, Gratitude, and Creativity.
When you see them flying and being very small, you say Masha Allah ,how little birds have been honored by Allah to fly while cows and dinosaurs cant fly.
Once i watched how a little bird fell from his three floors nest, and his mom flew metters and Wallahi, she caught him in the air and brought him back to the nest.
When you see little birds coming out of their eggs for the first time, SubhanAllah, they are already instilled by Allah and know how to open their mouth and arrange themselves respectfully, while we humans and adults are not still well educated(!), God gave us brains to think and to recognize him, but the more we get far from him, the more is Divine Grace is getting far, and we become cheaper then animals.

I like birds coz nowadays they are making great meanings in my memories, i remember my late granddfather who was against breading singing birds, but brought me once a goldfinsh he mysteriously caught with his hands,  i took care of it in a cage for some months when i was 4 years old, then once i noticed that goldfinsh seemed dead, i touched him with a pen, and he woke up and ran away from the door of the cage, flew in the corridor as if he knew the way, and ran away of our house coz the door was already open SubhanAllah(!!).

In the Quran, there is a full chapter talking about the miracles of ants and birds, you can read it in english and have a lot of wisdom:




09:35 AM Jun 13 2014 |




@Eric,You brought up “MonkeyLover, Almost forget it. 

09:07 AM Jun 13 2014 |

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Definitely ,I spent lots of time watching those vedios of baby animals online and never tired of doing it.All their behaviors were very cute ,you can’t help touching them,playing with them,looking after them.As a response they are following you,keeping an eye on you,all you feel is that she needs you.Who cloud have the heart to refuse them,everytime i saw a puppy or kitten on the road,I was over the moon excited and stopped to play with them.

09:03 AM Jun 13 2014 |

2 people like this




my favorite pet or animal is a lolcat, a virtually fictional, funny, and temporary friend. Because with a lot of animals or pets overtime you will find yourself their pet.


08:44 AM Jun 13 2014 |



Well, I dont spend my time watching kitten videos in the Internet. Photos either. But I think it is very nice, when people love baby animals because they want to take care of them, pet them and nurture them. It tells something about the personality of the given person as well, dont you think?

07:34 AM Jun 13 2014 |




Yes!! I definetly think that baby animals always very cute, clever unselfish. So fluffy and innocent. I am really obsessed with them. Besides they are really truthful and helpful. They always like you and wait for you at the and of day no matter what did you do, or what mistake you did, they just love you. They sense your bad feeling or your weakness and they try to comfort you. Although they need for your caring but they are thankful for it. Lot of people can learn from them.

But I think that baby humans are also adorable, after all they have just true feeling and love. They are still not mean, envy. They can’t lie. Simply they wait for your love and caring and they give you their love.

Last but not least I think a film can’t be bad in which are a baby humans or animals.

07:24 AM Jun 13 2014 |




Brian=MonkeyLover… :)) Hey,You guys remember that? ^^

Yeah, I used to have 2 cats and 1dog when I was a child. They were so cute and could get along well with each other…

It’s pity that we can’t use FB or Youtube in our country. But I do like watching baby animals on web. It’s kind of a way to take a breather. :))

06:21 AM Jun 13 2014 |




@AryelLanes  The 2014 FIFA World Cup!!!

04:18 AM Jun 13 2014 |




I love baby animals! I have to confess that I usually spend hours and hours on vine watching videos about kittens and puppies. OMG, they’re too cute! I love to squeeze their little cheeks!

I remember that when I was a child, my parents took me to their friend’s farm. We were supposed to spend the weekend with them. I saw a hen sitting on a nest and there were lots and lots of baby chicks under her body. I was soooooo innocent that I tried to take one so I could play with it. The hen got crazy instantly and started attacking and chasing after me. I never ran so fast in my life… OMG

Nowadays I can laugh it off, but wow! I was really frightened at that moment. I was lucky that she only scratched my back.

So, my advice to you is: don’t ever mess with a hen! And leave their baby chicks alone! They can get upset… Lol

05:44 PM Jun 12 2014 |

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