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Date: Aug 21 2019

Themes: Friend, Health


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Do you ever get a feeling or emotion deep in your gut and you can’t explain it? It’s hard to say why we get gut feelings, but many people think that it is a good rule of thumb to follow them.

However, sometimes following these feelings can be dangerous. You should always think before making an important decision. If you choose to follow a gut feeling, make sure the risk is worth the reward.


gut n.


Example People can get quite a large gut from drinking too much beer!

gut feeling expr.


Example Jeff had a gut feeling that he should get a dog from the shelter instead of a pet shop.

Example I had a gut feeling that we would win if you were my partner.

Example A gut feeling told Mary to stay home and not go to the party.

rule of thumb expr.


Example As a rule of thumb, I always bring an umbrella when it's cloudy. You never know, it might rain.

Example It's a good rule of thumb never to trust anyone with your passwords.

Example It's good to arrive late to parties and early to job interviews. That's my rule of thumb.

risk n.


Example Going skydiving is a risk that I am not willing to take.

reward n.


Example Jane returned Sil's lost dog and got a $100 reward.

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Do you have good intuition? When was the last time you had a gut feeling?


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I believe in intuition.Yes, believing in yourself and having a bright head is good!But still, each person has a “seventh” feeling (a little bell :))), which is more or less developed. And he tells what to do in a given situation.The main thing is to hear it))

It helped me more than once))

01:42 PM Aug 21 2019 |

Ya Nina


I believe in intuition and I’m sure that person who have developed intuition is lucky man. I suppose that it’s rather silly to deny something if you never see it. I’m sure that due to intuition people can win, save their lives, accept right decisions, etc. Other words, I believe that strong intuition help us to make our lives more successful, safe and interesting.

However, unfortunately, intuition don’t work always and for everybody. There are people, that try not to notice signs of their destiny and in that cases their intuition begin to sleep. Sometimes, it is very sound sleep and in that case people affirm that they haven’t intuition. In fact, they need to begin to develop their gut feeling and after some trainings they feel inexplicable feeling, that can become reliable assistant in their lives.

09:37 AM Aug 21 2015 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

no , not at all :)))))

07:04 AM Aug 21 2015 |




Girls have stronger intuition than guys.

12:33 AM Aug 20 2015 |

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You should not follow your gut feelings until you’ll get a clear mind. Lots of people think they’ll win in lottery or something solve their troubles, but that’s never gonna happen. There is a big difference between what you think is real and what is truly real. In order to have a good intuition, you need deeply recognize yourself. 

09:55 PM Aug 19 2015 |




I think,i had that many times,sometimes i feel afraid to follow my instincts,cause it might be a risky step,and a rash decision,just rarely i do follow that gut feeling,not always.



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

Once I made up my mind to become a FOREX trader and make a bundle out of it and turn into a big shot. There were a lot of trading systems throughout the net (systems guide on how and when to buy and sell currency pairs) and I picked up a dependable one and with a hopeful heart I started to trade with my hard-earned money but alas I lost all the bucks in no time because I traded exactly according to my trading system like a robot and simply it didn’t work.

Later on I found out that Pro traders don’t trade like computers but they always take their intuitions into account but I was never good enough to tell my intuitions from my emotions (such as fear, hope …) and It was a real flop and finally I decided to throw in the towel.

07:47 AM Aug 19 2015 |



Saudi Arabia

Something wonderul! :)

07:18 AM Aug 19 2015 |

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