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Paper Cuts
Paper Cuts

Learn English meaning of ‘paper cuts’

Date: Dec 18 2017

Themes: Health, School, Work


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Did you ever get a paper cut? It’s easy to do. When you are moving papers around, you might bump the edge of one paper and cut yourself. This really sucks!

Many hurts are way worse than a paper cut. But paper cuts are no fun. They can change your day. And some people feel sick when they see a small cut. They might even pass out.


paper n.


Example Do you have an extra piece of paper that I can borrow?

suck v.


Example Ops! We suck. We totally forgot to invite Jane.

Example Wow! That team is really bad. They actually kind of suck!

way adj.


Example I am way sorry that you had to wait this long, but we can talk now.

pass out v.


Example My little brother was so sleepy he passed out in front of the TV.

Example I'm so tired, I could pass out right now.

Example After he ran twenty miles, Brad went straight to bed and immediately passed out.

edge n.


Example Please, stand on the edge of the soccer field.

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Do you get paper cuts often? Where is the weirdest place you’ve had a paper cut?


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Jordin: en, I don’t know. I just prick, got a paper cut on my eye.


Jordin:No, it’s a super real fear! It’s like, way worse than getting a paper out on your finger. I’ve had that before and not sucks. But this is like, really a painful!


Jordin:I don’t think I need to go to the hospital, but I think I might just need to like, lay down in a dark room for a while.



Oops! We suck. We totally forget to invite Jane.

11:56 AM Dec 20 2017 |



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

It’s so funny if u cut your fingers with the edge of a paper…🙁

09:51 PM Dec 18 2017 |

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ohh noo I never been an office boy ,ı didnt work in offices ,hence ı dont know paper cut 

but ı know and lived other cuts ,cable,wire,knife,sharp tool cuts many time ,for years,

it is unexplained pain ,small but deep, not big but burning..

the worst is to hide it from other collegues,managers and my family ,

company managers will fill a report and collegues and famiy  will get sad ,

04:10 PM Dec 18 2017 |

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