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Students worldwide have fun learning English with English, baby! Now we've created a guide to help you bring Ebaby! into the classroom.

Use Ebaby! in the classroom!

English, baby! (aka Ebaby!) is an educational and social networking website for ESL students worldwide. Our fun daily lessons and discussion forums provide English learners with a chance to see and hear real examples of the language, as well as a place to put their knowledge to practice.

Ebaby! isn’t just for students—it’s also a great resource for teachers.

  • Search over 3000 lessons! Use our quick teacher search to find lessons that match the subject, grammar point, or vocab you’re working on in class.
  • Download MP3s and print lessons! Go super and receive unlimited lesson MP3s, making it even easier to bring English, baby! into the classroom. Sample a lesson
  • Let celebrities teach for you! In Ebaby! celebrity lessons, famous actors, musicians, and sports stars help teach American idioms and slang.
  • Ebaby! has great video lessons including a soap opera! Improve students’ comprehension skills by sharing these original video lessons with your class.
  • Go EXTREME! Ebaby!'s unique EXTREME English lessons are a fun way to help students build vocabulary.
  • Can’t remember what the third conditional progressive looks like? Not to worry! Brush up on your grammar with our simple explanations of over 30 key grammar points.
  • Get students blogging! Ebaby! blogs and discussion forums are a great way to encourage students to keep practicing their English outside the classroom. You can even assign blog entries for homework!

Have your own ideas about building lessons with English, baby!? Share them with your colleagues in the Teacher Talk Forum!