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April 29, 2009

  most people could like to be popular with others ,but not everyone can acheive this goal .what's the Secret to popularly?in fact ,it is very simple .the first step is improve our appearance  .we shoule always make sure that we stay  a good shape and dress well . when we are health ,we will not only looke better, but also feel better . in addition ,we should smile and appear our friendly .after all ,our  facial expression is an important a part of our appearance .anothers important step is developing more  consideration  for others .we should always put others first and place their interest before our own .it's important to be a good listener .in this way ,people will feel  comfortable to conside in us . however  ,no matter what we do ,we must no gossip . above all  ,we must remember to be  ourselvers.if we can do all of the above ,i am sure popularly will come to  our way .