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United States

May 4, 2008



Here I am..

Amber, age 17 (my profile says 16)


My friend Nick is absolutely amazing, he has black/brown emo boy style hair, has beautiful, deep brown eyes, and his laugh is perfect. Sadly, he has a girlfriend, and depressingly, I am not that girl who is lucky enough to have him.♥

But anyway, everytime I get online, I shall produce a blog.

Just for everyone's amusement.

Right now, I am slightly pissed off, and yet very bored, sad, and happy, if that makes any logical way into your mind.

About me:

I was born in Tokyo, Japan.

My mother was born to be a geisha, but she ran away to Osaka at the age of 15, maybe 16. She met my father there, who is a cold hearted, full fledged american. They had "fun time", and I was born in Tokyo, 5 years after they met, which was 6 years after she ran away from home. She was back in Tokyo to collect money from my grandmother.

I, however, never met my grandmama until I was 3...

anyway, I am rambling on, so I will end this blog for now.

B4 I scare people away.

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01:09 AM May 04 2008


Viet Nam

looking kind of U. you r beautiful.


01:07 AM May 04 2008



You have a special family.