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March 11, 2012

I made mistake on my work, did a summery 3 months ago and this morning my supervisor found out there was some mistake on the feigurs.

I feel bad, because of 3 reasons.

First of all I haded my work 3 months ago and he didn't check it carefully untill this morning, and we a heading for the summiner this afternoon.

Second of all, it's because I made mistake. I felt there was something wrong but I was not sensitive enough to reculculate the feigurs.

No three, I made a silly mistake about Unit. In China farmers use "Jin" instead of "Kg", and 2 Jin= 1 Kg. Yes, I fought to times 2 when I conculate the income. And it tragered a lot of mistake , like Dominick Card.


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09:00 AM Mar 12 2012



Angela, Cheer up!

Making mistakes is so human, but when you make mistakes and recognize it that makes you a rare breed of human, and when you fix your mistakes that makes you something very close to an angel.

Do you want to be an angel? I'm pretty sure your boss will forgive you and give you another chance. Look at the bright side of things, you probably will never make that same mistake again. you have learned

: )