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October 25, 2009

Do not know where i should start.I just want to say that i am very happy.All these things own to you.So i want to show my thanks to you.Thank you for your love to me.Thank you for your help.Thank you for all the things you do for me.Thank you for all the words you say to me.i feel happy because of you.Although i can not accept your love,i still want to say "thank you"to you.Your exist make my life full of colour.Thanks gives to you on this special day.

Today is the double-Ninth festevial.i miss all my family member and all my friends.i hope everything goes well with you.Best wishes!!!

Now i must start to work!As today is monday!!

October 22, 2009

Just as Henry Van Dyke says we are on a journey for the whole life.We are not at rest for even one minute,we are on a journey.We are the captain of our own boat,we will never reach the port until the day we die.The reason is that we do not know where our port are.we travel all life time to find the port.And we will find it at the last minute of our life.

After graduated from university this july,things changes every minute in my life.I have to face millions of choices,it is bad time when it comes.most of time i will feel tired .Now ,i am making a new choice---i change my job.i select one that i have no idea about.it is not  fit for my major,the more important thing is that the company is just founded.i hope i can grow up with the company.it is a new choice,and it is my new life.i select to travel to this port,i hope i can sucess in this field.

06:09 AM Oct 23 2009

Viet Nam

I also had a difficulty period after graduating as you.

Everything will be better if you try your best.

Wish you get a good job.

Good luck to you. Cool