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June 26, 2010


Country: NIGERIA .








Village/State/Tribe/Town/LGA:THE SAME AS ABOVE.


    In Africa Nigeria is considered black most populous city in the world both in the environment and the people with the sum of 152 million people and still counting.the name NIGERIA came out derived from the name NIGER AREA.because of the RIVER NIGER.the name NIGER came out from NIGGER which means BLACK,well that’s why its BLACK most populated city in the world lol!!!well I didn’t go through history or the google search to know all this but from listening to my lovely father and some of ythe elderly/wise men in ma community.In noigeria there re different types of ETHNIC groups,LANGUAGES,CULTURES and TRADITIONS, but the most considered ones are only 3 in numbers.they re:IBO,HAUSA and YORUBA.the IBOS are mainly CHRISTIANS and PAGAN,HAUSAs are maily MUSLIMS,few CHRISTIANS and PAGANs,YORUBAS are mainly CHRISTIANS,PAGANS and PAGAN/IDOL WORSHIPPERS.READ more on HISTORY of NIGERIA at GOOGLE.com.well in NIGERIA HAUSAs are considered the ruling tribe,THE IBOS the trading tribe and the YORUBAs the schooling tribe,but all this are all FALACY.because I do believe all men are all equal,I guess they are fooling themselves with the book(ANIMAL FARM)which says all men are equal but some are more equal than other which is a bloody lie.The IBO tribe are reconignised with the true respect of their beliefs,Traditons and cultures.they belive in (OBASI)GOD of heaven which is the true GOD,and the PAGAN believe in (AMADIOHA)god of thunder,the ibos have their tradtions rulers which are called the (IGWE)the king,(NDI ICHIE)kinsmen,(NDI nze na OZO)which are called the clansmenthey are recognized by the red caps they put on.i will quickly go down to ma main topic.CULTURE AND HERIATEG OF THE PEOPLE OF AMIHE KINGDOM which is where im from,my birth place.


I remember when I was in the COLLEGE.my friends used to abuse/insult me because of the true lies,there father told them about them about my VILLAGE.they said that during the tyme of the white rulers ma  kingdom was gtold wat they will be built for  them as in development of the KINGDOM,they requested for (OBO MMANWU)meaning house of the living dead/MASQURADE.going still to the topic about ma kingdom culture and heritage,we ve a lot of traditions and culture and FESTIVALS.



IGBANKWU:wine carrying

IMEGO:pride price/DROWY

IDOALA:first son settlement

AKWA;Traditional BURIAL

OFALA:meant for the kings


Iri jii:new yam festival….holds every 25th September yearly

Mmanwu:MASQURADE…hold every 1st of January yearly

Mgbudu:MEAT festival…holds every 5 years

The most admires by all from different parts bof the country is mainly the MMANWU. FESTIVAL.this MMAWU has two types the ODOGWU and MMANWU.ODOGWU is considered/reconisged as pure and its used for entertainments. like burials,bride price,ofala etc,while the MMANWU is known to be sacred and its believed to be the living dead. with reincarnated fromBLACK MAGIC!the ODOGWU can be initiated by any one both young and the youths, while the MMANWU is meant for the elderly ones,and its known as initatin into manhood. which women are not allowed to see or come near because they might lose their live.i coulve put up the pictures but pictures are not allowed to be taken, even if u took a picture,it is believe that it never appear after the photo is printed what a shock and disaster. back to my topic I want to emphaisis on the MMANWU festival cos no1 will tell u about it expect me lol!!!and its because its my best festival on the 1st of January the (EKWU)meaning the GONG/african stereo(check google for the picture)going aloud by 2;00am proclaiming the Dday.the (OKU EKWU)meaning the stereo man moves around the community beating aloud the GONG ,by 10am the initiated youths gather round the (OBO MMANWU)singing and clapping to the tune of the gong which produce a sweet music, they go there wit the(OGODU)waist wrapper round their waist, by 12;00am a cry cometh out of the (OBO MMAWNU)which is very strange. well I could’ve  written how the sound goes but because of time I will live this for another day.


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09:33 AM Jun 29 2010



thanks so much!!!

02:26 PM Jun 28 2010

glassy heart
Saudi Arabia

nice background about ur cultureLaughing

04:34 AM Jun 26 2010



interesting but i need a serious comment on this,ask question,what you like about the BLOG.and still to come many more if questions are asked.