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Las Verre

Las Verre


November 2, 2008


I've been absent from ebaby for along time. I have problem with my email beside I have no time at all! I'm busy Tongue out

Anyway, now I'm in grade 11 in high school and I've entered the language department. I love language class. There only ONE language class in my school with 18 student (usu in my country there are 30 or more student in one class). and because this is my favourite field I feel no sad at all. I'm always happy, have many leisure times, etc.

In language class we study Indonesian and its literature, English and its literature, German, Chinese, Anthropology, Art, Religion, Civic, and Sport. I also take French in Saturday (Whaat...?! There's class on Saturday. Yeah. that one thing I hate in my country!)Frown

And this is actually the important part from my blog. My school has a relation with the German goverment (For all German here, do you know SPATZ?) SPATZ is the organisation which consist of 1000 school around the world that being the partners in education with German goverment (is there several of you which school join this organisation?). Anyway. SPATZ school always send four of their student to learn German in Germany during the summer holiday and by scholarship. This thing is one of my reason to entered language class beside my love to languages. But for this I must pass the test and I must pass 14 other student in my class. I'm afraid I can't because the test used the A2 level questions in German course in Goethe-Institut. Many of my friend took the German course there and I'm not because I have no money actually.

So, will you pray for me and support me so I'll be successful to get the scholarship??

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