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September 9, 2013

     Warmly congratulate Japan won the right to host the 2020 Olympic games! Bless my Japanese friends! Bless japan!


01:16 AM Sep 09 2013

Iran, Islamic Republic Of

I also offer my congradulations to japanese for their achievement in this regard,they deserved it more than the two other countries,indeed.

August 12, 2011

                   Tell me

    I will no longer speak
    Just  sing a song before you
    Tell me, my heart should be
    Happy or sad, sweet or bitter?

    Tell me, today's world
    Whether also can produce fairy tale?
      will a swan  as the snow              fly out from the fairy tale?

    I already through hardships and covered with injury.
    Tell me, drifting heart can anchor

    In the end of a train
    In this one door inside of?

    Tell me, you ah
    Whether this the stormy wading river!!!!!

12:52 AM May 30 2012



I love this poem,It made me think a lot

December 1, 2007

          you put out a forest fire,dear sister
          why did you put out the forest fire

           no stars
           you couldn`t see the ash
           even if the stars twinkle

            so,so cold in winter
            no snow yet
            but all the miss were frozen

            the winter is a prison
            we were detained by the different winter
            there was another winter lied between us

           you put out a forest fire,dear sister
           why did you put out the forest fire?

10:08 PM May 03 2012



I like your sad and sensitive piece, dear Nanxue. 

Keep  on writing and sharing. Smile