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Facing Death;Are you prepared

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February 4, 2009

      Most of us do not know how to behave when a guest arrives. We do not know how to entertain him. This is because we are not educated enough,as what to say and how to greet the visitor.I am speaking about our last guest by the name of MALAKUL- MOWT or the Angel of Death.the poor fellow is only an angel.He has come to carry out a command and that is his job.

         when the Angel of Death comes,the game is over.we are bowled out. there can be no appeal and we have to return to the pavilion,in our case the earth.some of us might have scored boundaries and sixes in our spiritual field,while some of us might have been bowledout for naught.Hence,the outcome for the Hereaftetr differs for different people.the Angel is not going to ask us whether we are Shafeyis or Hanafis,but he may ask us to how we played the game.As fellow -traveller,he may even ask us what luggage in the form of good deeds did we send in advance.(Q.59:18)

             So, what should do when the umpire declares!

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11:07 PM Feb 17 2010



01:08 PM Aug 11 2009


Saudi Arabia

as much as we prepare our selves it is not enough may GOd help us in all times :) .. 

08:18 PM Feb 04 2009


Very good artcle

It will be very usefull to every one not only muslim but all.

If u share with me regarding this sprituial knowledge feelfree to condect me my ID ashrafadvocate@rediffmail.com