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January 15, 2009

When I was a young child, I was always delighted to stand in front of the Creperie of the Yaohan Mall, seeing how the crepes were cooked and staring at those colorful displays of various flavors of crepes.

Today, I don't have to watch the crepes being cooked in front of a crepes stall, because Cynthia has bought a professional Crepe Maker and invited Chile and I to make crepes at her place after lunch.


Traditionally, the most difficult part of cooking crepes is to spread the batter evenly. Thanks to the well-equipped Crepe Maker, even though all of us are beginners, we were able to make the crepes in perfect shapes. The crepes were even, round and as thin as paper! It was fun to use the batter spreader, flip the pancakes, and prepare different fillings.

Spreading the batter on the stove evenly with the wooden scraper 


The sweet crepe opened up with bananas and chocolate on it


The amazing thing about crepes is its compatibility with different fillings. It can be filled with meat, vegetable, cheese, eggs etc. as a main meal or filled with fruit, nuts, ice cream, jam etc. as a dessert.  You can use your creativity to cook different crepes for different occasions. Today we made 2 flavors of sweet crepes for our dessert, one filled with bananas and chocolate, the other one filled with a mixture of sugar, sesames, peanuts and coconuts. They tasted as good as expected. We all think that we should cook some new Asian style crepes next time.

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